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has any one here been to any of A Robbins events? I see he is holding a seminar called unleash the power within at exel in mid march. Ticket seem pricey at about £500.

Would appreciate feed back from anyone who has attended any of his events.


If you are into this guy then there are a number of books and other CD/ video courses that he does at a fraction of the price which I have heard are just as good as his live shows. It would make sense to try one of those first.



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The vast majority of people who go to a Tony Robbins event are more than satisfied with the time and money spent.

The guy has helped tens of thousands better their lives.

He makes a lot of money too - which IMHO is appropriate for the service he provides.

I went to one of his gigs in Milan in 1998 (firewalk and all that good stuff) as a study for a dissertation I was doing on Psychology rather than as a genuine participant. For anyone with a basic grounding in NLP his methods are fairly obvious and simple - which is always effective.

He has a lot of support from many loyal fans.

Two things though.

First, watch out for his merchandisers and support staff. They will get your contact details and they haunt you for eternity for 'follow-ups' to the event - which are far from free and I am informed, nowhere near as useful as time with the man himself.

Second, there's nothing he offers that is of direct and immediate use to traders specifically.

Although I'm not a fan of his methods, there's no doubting he does get results on a massive scale and I do suspect he is the genuine article.


PS If you're looking for THAT sort of help AND specifically to trading - try reading Mark Douglas "The Disciplined Trader"
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Caveat Emptor, the big American dream sales pitch, "if there's anything you want you can have it", I was into this
10 years ago, I expect its even more ultra-slick now, as previously posted you can get his books, tapes, cd's and videos for a fraction of what a ticket to see the "great man" will cost you, I recently saw a few of his books in my local library, I'm sure you'll be able to pick them up on ebay or amazon, finally I have read all his books, a fair few tapes, and cd's, have studied psychology extensively, took a 50% pay cut to work closely with a self made multimillionaire for 3 years, learning the "secrets" of how to get rich, but did Tony Robbins change my life forever....No
was it a positive experience probaly yes, I wish you well in your search for a better meaningfull life..............Good luck



As a result of your time spent with a multi-millionaire learning their secrets, did you find it of any use and are you now a multi-millionaire yourself ?



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I read one of his books - fine until he began using George Bush as a shining example of honesty and integrity. I couldn't take him seriously after that...

I would second The Bramble's recomendation of Mark Douglas though. I have read his later book, 'Trading in the Zone' and although heavy going in parts, it had a positive impact on my trading.


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wheezergeezer said:
[...] took a 50% pay cut to work closely with a self made multimillionaire for 3 years, learning the "secrets" of how to get rich, [...]

WG - What was your purpose in doing this? Did you achieve your aim?


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This issue is like many that are more widely applicable to trading and maybe life in general.

That is, we look externally first for all the answers and having exhausted that resource to little avail then by default if we are not then exhausted we turn to the only place left. Internally.

We are not as clever as we think we are ,but we have a huge capacity for trial and error in our search for answers.



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How funny, I just ordered one of his CD's. I'm looking into behavorial finance and Robbins kept popping up for motivational stuff so thought I would have a nose. Have seen his stuff before but discounted it.

Re : Millionaires

I did some research a few years ago. There are two different types IMHO.

The fast buck, big balls, type. They can't quantify risk very well and are impulsive and throw everything into the pot. Most fail but as long as they have limited liability they keep trying and then one day that key idea finally takes off. Seat of the pants stuff. They also tend to be very prominent and loud!! They general can teach you little as it is an attitude and that is not easily transferrable.

The quiet, unassuming type. Very difficult to find as they have made their money and will continue to do so. Usually intelligent with sound principles and not afriad to take risk but do so on a measured basis. Usually they get rich slowly but are able to hold onto their money and make it grow.

I would say, you have hunters and farmers.

The hunters go for the big kill but sometimes they get hurt but keep fighting. The farmers stake out their plot and work patiently to reap their reward.


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Trader333, yes very useful, there are no "secrets" , I'm not a multi-millionaire, if only it was that simply, if you could only bottle the right ingredient's that would guarantee success then you'd be a billionaire, That's what Mr. Robbins doe's ,The guy I worked for would come under the Ist. heading of the Scriptophlist discription, I would add to that an enormous self inflated ego, not very talented,average intelligence ,relied heavily on support staff and utilised other peoples skills, arrogant but also very insecure, also lots of other things, what surprised me most of all was how much Luck played its part, humans are vastly complexed its almost like a lottery, so it was a very interesting time but I certainly don't have all the answer's, no one has even the multimillionaire, if I told him about tony robbins he would laugh in my face and tell me what a great way to make money it was, get all those eager beavers together promise all kinds of things pump them up, and take there dosh.........there always looking how to make money, constantly enough is never enough, I remember being with him a some fancy do, we were introduced to some guy who was a Billionaire megga bucks, but a real nice guy , after wards one the way home he was almost in tears because he felt so bad that he was just a meer millionaire not Billionaire..........oh please, pass the sick bag, personally i would say forget the millions or zillions
there are some awful downside's just enjoy your life, do what you enjoy (if possible) if it happens it happens, some of the best times of my life were spent with good friends and we lived on the poverty line, good luck,


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The Bramble, I took the pay cut because I wanted to change my occupation,and partly my life, I also thought it would be very interesting experience, it was, but no I'm not rich, Iv'e met many rich unhappy people, and a few rich happy people, the few have there ego well under control,and are usually nice down to earth and realise how fortunate they are...............


I knew two brothers from New Zealand once who became very rich. They started with a rock band, then a burger bar and then started a clothing manufacturing business.

One of the brothers decided to leave the business and become a property developer. He came home one day and said to his wife in their million NZ dollar house, "Sorry Honey, I needed to raise some money so have I sold the house". Their marriage was a bit shaky after that. I wonder why!

He started building luxury houses with a partner and made a million NZ dollars in his first year.

One thing I noticed about this pair was their attitude to any problem. There was no saying "Oh woe is me. What are we going to do now?

They saw a problem as a challenge and said, "It's a problem. What can we do to overcome it?" They had tremendous optimism and an unshakeable belief that it would all work out.


Interesting points and there was a BBC2 programme a while ago that featured millionaire entrepreneurs. One of the things that struck me about all of them is that they would be utterly hopeless as traders.

The reason being that they all had big egos and if they were trying to do something and the result wasnt what they wanted then they cheated and broke the rules. In trading this would just result in ongoing and ultimately massive losses.



The only reason I looked into this course was A Robbins was mentioned by many people I have met at trading seminars etc.They also went on about motivational stuff etc.I think I will try out some of his books videos etc .More events later on in the year if I think its worthwhile


Hi there,
I completed the 'unleash the power within' seminar a couple of years ago. Over the years I've met a lot of 'Robbins' followers, that is folks that have done some or all of his seminars etc, and after asking for their advice as to which seminar they would recommend, the majority suggested this one.

AR also has a range of 'mastery' seminars, such as wealth mastery and life mastery (if I remember rightly this one is about a week long and costs about $10,000).
His top seminar (after you've completed 'The mastery University') is I believe called 'Date with Destiny' and is held in Hawaii; the prices just go up and up.

Virtually all the people I talked too said they wouldn't recommend 'Wealth Mastery'.

I would suggest you try the below Robbins site, as there is always someone selling tickets to his seminars and if you leave it long enough you should be able to pick one up for around £250.

For that kind of money, which is what I paid, I think the seminar is good value for money. I agree with previous posts, in that there is quite a 'strong sell', both if you enquiry and at the end of the seminar itself, in an attempt to get you to do other seminars. If they have your number they will keep phoning you again and again.
On one occasion I phoned up to find out if I could ‘staff ‘ (I had already done the seminar) at UPW and the chap I was talking to, started to try and sell me a ticket!

His books ‘Unleash the Power Within’ and ‘Ultimate Power’ is good as well as his cd and tape programmes – ‘Personal Power II’ and ‘Time of your Life’. I’ve seen people selling these on above site, cheaper then from new.
There are often ads for his seminars in newspapers, offering a free book called ‘Notes from a Friend’, which is a sort of summary of his bulkier books. You can get a flavour of his style from this little book and it costs about £6.00!
His teaching is a variation on NLP. I have seen a book called, I think ‘NLP for traders’, although I have not read it (this is not by Robbins). :D


cuddles thanks for the info,

sorry for my ignorance but what is NLP?

i will have a look at yes groups


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Neuro Linguistic Programming. Do a google search on NLP - it'll give you a flavour.

Tony Robbins uses his own version NAC (Neuro Associative Conditioning) which is basically a subset of NLP, but gets him out of any tm/copyright issues

(Actually, he did have to pay one of the co-founders of NLP a smallish sum for a blatant bit of plagiarism in his early days, but Tony's the first to admit he ain't perfect)
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