And the world's dumbest Real Estate analyst is....

Car Key Boi

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Brian McGrath

since getting canned by Meditrust Corp, this asswipe has been unemployed for EIGHT MONTHS, and is (was) the sole breadwinner for newborn twins

after months of looking, he finally gets an offer for $70,000. And what does he do? yup, yuo've guessed it, he turns it down because it's not enough money...

and the gurl helping him find a job is also a moran:

"People don't appreciate how hard it is to turn down an offer in this market." Varelas said her client did the right thing. You are, "looking for the right job," she counseled him

- Car Key Boi


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Financial analyst, securities analyst, research analyst, financial analyst and investment analyst is a person who performs economic analysis for internal or external customers as a central element of the job.
:D here i am

yes, well spotted! the mind boggles at how he found that, then post what he did.

i have to admit not bothering to read the linked article, though i suspect that will shed little light on the reasoning behind what was necroposted.


It was something about a guy being out of work and not taking a new job for 70K because it wasn't enough money for him. :cheesy: The article is even in archived format on the link. lol
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