An Englishman's home is his castle

Car Key Boi

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i love that saying. I wish us Cali Tards could say the same. I'm sure most of yuo have read about or seen on TV the fires in So Cal and how screwed the whole situation is. Wanna know who's to blame? yes yuo've guessed it, the same hippy lefty liberal veiny drifter cocks that have brought the State of Kah-lee-fon-yah to it's knees with the enormous budget defecit

think i'm kidding? think again...

the environmentalists took over Cali with their wacko ideas to protect species like the kangaroo rat. They managed to get enough strength to force Davis and his cronies in Sacramento to come up with bullsh!t legislation like not letting homeowners clear brush around their property because it might upset the invaluable to nature, fcuking kangaroo rat

the liberaltards were also against the cutting down of trees for fire-paths, again ****ing & moaning about wildlife and conservation. If they had allowed for fire-paths to be built, when a section caught fire the farthest it would be able to burn would be to the nearest fireline

now, as yuo can see, the envirotards have help create one of the largest natural disasters in our history. Had they had not meddled and let people clear their land, many hundreds of homes would have been saved, and i dare say that the kangaroo rat would have still managed to survive. Now, because homeowners have no more rights to their land in Cali, the fcuking place is burning to the ground. This is a FTS

also, know this

the envirotards are scrambling for cover as we speak, because they know, people like me are gonna put their asses on the hot seat and they are running for cover

now, the question is, how long are people going to let these hippy veiny drifter cocks who have no stake on the table, make the rules?

we'll see how Arnie handles it. I'm certain he's gonna lay the smack down on their asses :mad:


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I'm all for nature conservation blah blah, but there has to be a balance between our needs and theirs. Fire breaks in the forests makes 100% sense. All there is left now is barbecued Kangaroo rats by the sounds. Do they taste good ? :cheesy:

Car Key Boi

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rumor has it kangaroo rats tastes real bad, but not as bad as Church's Chicken. I'm telling ya, if yuo ever go over to the States, stay away from Church's Chicken, it is THE most disgusting, most greasiest chicken on earth - it is truly pants

i swear to god they cook their chicken in motor lube and then spray it with a grease gun

when i was last in the Caribbean, i had the shock of my life - there was a CC outlet in one of the airports (i think it was Kingston, might have been Piarco) anyways, i was at the bar and these hot gurls wearing Church's Chicken t-shirts, were handing out flyers to everyone at the bar

anyways, after the gurls left, i went into a rant - told everyone at the bar exactly what i thought of their piece-of-chicken-sh!t that's cooked in engine lube and grease


- Car Key Boi :mad:



I am very sorry to see what is happening in California and I hope you guys are lucky enough for some heavy rain soon. I have always liked CA and very much enjoyed visiting.

Good Luck


Mr. Charts

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Sorry about the fires ravaging CA and the losses. This is what happens when politicians allow themselves to be pushed around by pressure groups and vociferous minorities regardless of common sense, fairness and respect for others.
It's a great state. We spent a month travelling around there a couple of years ago and still saw far too little.
I've seen your comments about the Carib. - we went to Tobago this summer and had a great time. Even the beach bums were gentlemen!


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Its d bane of our society............Political correctness gone mad!!


Car Key Boi

"good traders make $$$ by taking advantage of the amateurs who trade the markets and have no idea wtf they're doing"

How do you square this contemptuous attitude towards fellow traders with your 'touching' concern for Californian wildlife?


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Just goes to prove that every cloud has a silver lining. Hard on the outside, soft as you like on the inside. :cheesy: Plenty of us around.


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"i was at the bar and these hot gurls wearing Church's Chicken t-shirts, were handing out flyers to everyone at the bar..."

Flyers at an airport? Whatever next?


Car Key Boi

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Mr Charts, Trader333, on behalf of all Cali-Tards, thax for yuor sentiments

riwf, where exactly in my posts have i shown a "touching concern for Cali wildlife"?


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Perhaps Church's Chicken is in fact Kangaroo Rat?
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