AlgoTrader 2.1 Release


We are excited to announce that AlgoTrader 2.1 has been released!

AlgoTrader is a Java-based algorithmic trading platform that enables trading firms to rapidly develop, simulate, deploy and automate any quantitative trading strategy for any market. Designed by industry experts, it gives users maximum control of high-speed, fact-based trading for consistent, superior results.

Release 2.1 contains many added features, on top of the already existing features:
  1. Overhauled Reference Data Manager - improving reference data modifications
  2. Multiple concurrent market data feeds – particularly useful for Forex trading
  3. Embedded in-memory H2 database - for 30-50% faster back-testing – and over 100 times faster if combined with Amazon Elastic MapReduce
  4. Maven Archetype for quicker strategy setup
  5. Bloomberg historical market data interface
  6. RealTick FIX interface – connectivity to 40 institutional and retail brokers
  7. Domain model / database enhancements - for custom requirements
  8. BreakOut example strategy
Read our full announcement for details about how AlgoTrader 2.1 will help you develop and improve your quantitative trading strategies.


Andy Flury,
CEO & Lead Architect, AlgoTrader