AK financials prop trading house

May 16, 2011
The company registered in Seychelles. Admin office in Greece

Schedule as follow:

1-2 month: theory
3 month: demo
4 month: mini account
5 month: 1000 unleverage
6 month: 2000 unleverage
Up to 75000 - 100000

Course fees 500 for 3 months. Fully refundable after trading for 1 year

Commision: EUR/USD 2 pips, eMini SP5 2.58 USD
Oct 23, 2017
avoid AKFinancials at all costs!

Might be a late reply, but I'm posting this so nobody falls for this scam. Several issues to note:

1) Course material taken from free websites and books without giving credit. They also distribute a pirated copy of 'trading in the zone.'

2) Lessons conducted through skype text only. No mic, no screen sharing etc.

3) You won't find anyone trading for them after passing the course, because it's their intention to take your course fee and make you fail. Instructor claims it is impossible to fail if you follow the rules. Trading rules are so stringent that you will struggle to get sufficient trades during the assessment unless you're glued to your screen 24/5. With so few trades, your edge (assuming it exists) is also unlikely to play out. A great way to make you fail, supposedly because you did not follow some rule which was never explained. And they promise great mentorship but you'll wait months for feedback (after failing).

4) They will say they will open an office in your country and you will be hired once you pass the course. Of course, this office does not exist till today.

Save your USD 1495 (they increased the price) and avoid this AKFinancials scam.