Advice - shorting US Tech 100?


Hi all! I'm new to trading and could use some advice.

I opened a short position on the US Tech 100 yesterday assuming that the Fed's rate hikes would be bad for tech stocks over the next few months. The index has opened quite strong this morning so grateful for any thoughts?

I've got a stop loss at 13,500 and a limit at 12,250 and am willing to keep the position open for a few weeks
The rate hikes were bad news before but now it's all priced in so we're moving up now as we look ahead to inflation stabilising and then falling, world food and oil prices doing the same and Russia winding down ops in Ukraine. Earnings have been largely better than expected, AAPL & AMZN are powering ahead now and the rest of the market will follow imo.

I covered the last of my shorts today, it's been a good run but now it's time to change direction.