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Ok...so I've got a software package (OT), and can test a 100 variables on it to try and find the best buy. However, I don't just want to do that, I want it to do more! What I want do is to try and shortlist a group of equities that may well be starting to form a medium/ longterm uptrend. However, I am unsure which are the best indicators to use. ADX (when fires) seems to be pretty reliable, however, it also misses a lot depending on when the lines cross.

What indicators do other members use to shortlist equities? MA's, trendline breaks etc, or is it simply a case of eyeballing hundreds of charts each day?....be interested to know what tactics you use.

Thanks for your help,
Mark. Trying to narrow down selections to your desired choice is always down to setting your own criteria, and how many shares to choose from. To narrow down your selections, first try indices, or sectors, then set your parameters in the indicators or filters of your choice. Only trial and error will show you which indicators come closest to producing the results you require.

Try also selecting from such as Price & Volume Breakout or Volume above average, the latter more short term than the former.

I use the following on a permanent basis and seek confirmation from others if I feel so disposed to.

Williams %R - Chande Momentum - Stochastic Momentum - RSI with BB's superimposed over the price chart.
Seem to have found a kinship with Japanese Candlesticks, harami +-, hammers, bullish beltholds to buy, any doji, hanging men, dark clouds and i'm out of there. Williams %R ( love this as a leading indicator, changing the smoothing to make it oscillate more or less, to suit conditions) OBV and moving averages 9-26-50 or sometimes shortened to 5-12-26. If finding a suitable selection, a whole lot including BBs. Stochs., trends , ADX ect for confirmation, the more indicators the better.
A good thread Titus-uk, suprised there are not more contributors, goes right to the heart of TA