A peek at the FTSE


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Double bottom formed with triangle breakout. EOD trading channel top is at 5400. The "W" bottom formation, if continued will take it to 5350 or so, and well on the way to the channel top.


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Hi chartman,

Nice charts.

So where do you see the FTSE this coming week?

What's yer gut feeling?

September is a lazy month, will it fall in line with historical data or run naked through the coming month! Personally, I believe it is in an up trend but will make no more then 170pts for the month.

As I've said in other posts, I'm not one for charts in regards to the FTSE. That's not to say they have no particular place [they do very much so, and I do use them] it's just that, in my opinion, for what's its worth, the FTSE is very susceptible to news; whether it be local or world related and charts should be a supplement to one's decision.

And this comment may sound a tad aggressive, it not meant to be.

On reflection, I think I've seen too many posts within T2W that solely use charts to depicted the future of a particular Indice. It angers me so. No one comments. Each states his or her chart for the coming whatever. But there's no definitive prediction.

I know [I've come across your name mentioned in the forum, and its held in high regard] your astute in the world of markets, so give me the raw and gut of it all; put your neck on the line; what's yer inner being screaming! UP or DOWN for this coming week?


with respect