Article A Medication for Trading Losses?

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Three Trading Psychology Tips to Better Handle Losses
Recently, I was asked by a trader if there was a medication available to help to keep the trader?s mood up after a loss. This trader takes losses hard; he was looking for a way to not feel so bad when the inevitable losses occurred.
This is not the first time I?ve been asked this. As both a psychologist and a trader, I hear it more than others might. Often, the trader says it as a joke, Hey, if only there was a pill ?. Yeah, if only there was a pill. I know that behind the supposed levity there is a serious request there, How can I feel good in the face of a loss? or, maybe more to the point, how can I not feel so terrible when I lose money in trading?

Medication is not a Solution
First of all, recognize that medication isn?t the answer. Although I do not prescribe medications (psychiatrists prescribe meds; psychologists do not), I am generally familiar with most of the classes of psychotropic drugs...
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.....One can always discuss about a medication for sad existence.....!
:p if I'd carried on partying the way I did in my 20's and 30's I'd be dead...still got a life, it's just kinda different now; bigger. better, cleaner...;)


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Try to reduce your emotional response when losing OR winning.
The trick is to achieve a balance and treat them both as just trading results.
The more 'big deal' you make of achieving a profit, the more you are likely to experience a corresponding 'downer' when losing.
Works for me.

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