A Birth


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IB Symbol for EuroStoxx50


Could you let me know what the symbol is for this on IB including which exchange as there appears to be a choice.




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How nice and clean and tidy. WD H.


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Well done to everyone that HELPED

Just had a visit, must agree with chartman ( clean and tidy) have added to my Favorites List already


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Thanks Guys,

This sounds a bit like the oscars but it wouldn't have been possible without FTSEBeater, Austin_Clone and Oonagh. I don't have the tech skills to have contemplated it without them.


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It's been a great first day for "my baby". Over 100 unique visitors in the first day. I must admit to having got a great buzz from seeing people arrive today. A bit like throwing a party :)

Now all we need to do is get the trading up to speed to match :)


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Well done Helen and all! You've done a great job on the site. It's hard work, but definitely worth the effort!



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Hi Helen,

I've tried visiting your site several times. But every time I try and access one of the BBs, i get the standard Explorer 'Page not found' message. This also happens when I try to register. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?



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Hi Helen,

It never has been DNS!

If you get the front page then DNS is doing its bit given the links you are providing...

i.e eurostoxx50.co.uk/...

When I had the problem it looked like the front page was being rendered to IP address rather URL in explorer. This suggests site design.

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