A Birth

IB Symbol for EuroStoxx50


Could you let me know what the symbol is for this on IB including which exchange as there appears to be a choice.


<i>Is it a boy or a girl?</i>

Depends on whether the STOXX is being good or not :)
Well done to everyone that HELPED

Just had a visit, must agree with chartman ( clean and tidy) have added to my Favorites List already
Thanks Guys,

This sounds a bit like the oscars but it wouldn't have been possible without FTSEBeater, Austin_Clone and Oonagh. I don't have the tech skills to have contemplated it without them.
It's been a great first day for "my baby". Over 100 unique visitors in the first day. I must admit to having got a great buzz from seeing people arrive today. A bit like throwing a party :)

Now all we need to do is get the trading up to speed to match :)
Well done Helen and all! You've done a great job on the site. It's hard work, but definitely worth the effort!

Hi Helen,

I've tried visiting your site several times. But every time I try and access one of the BBs, i get the standard Explorer 'Page not found' message. This also happens when I try to register. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Hi Helen,

It never has been DNS!

If you get the front page then DNS is doing its bit given the links you are providing...

i.e eurostoxx50.co.uk/...

When I had the problem it looked like the front page was being rendered to IP address rather URL in explorer. This suggests site design.

Hi Helen,

Jonnty's right. It can't be a DNS problem 'cos I can use the link to get onto the Home page. I can also get from there to the BB front page (by clicking 'here').

It's then that I have problems. As I said, whatever I click on that page gives me a 'Page not found error'. Also, I just noticed that none of the graphics are showing on that page.

Am I the only one getting this problem ? If so, then it must be one of my Explorer settings.

If other ppl are experiencing the same prob, then it's something to do with the code on the page. (For example, perhaps the links and image sources are pointing to the wrong directory).
Accessing Forum

Everyone will need to ensure that they have "Cookies" enabled to regsiter properly. I know this because I was nuable to register or log in until I enabled "Cookies" for that specific site. As a rule I dont have Cookies enabled but with Windows XP you have the option of allowing certain sites access.


Its not cookies either!

You just cannot get past the first page when you get this problem.

However the exact link to the BB works.

The front page has since changed (Helen was this meant to happen?)

Looks like site design as per my prior post is the problem. For me it has been fixed (since the front page changed) though so it may be ISPs pass through caches that are causing the problem.

Hi Johnny,

If you are getting the site under construction first page, and the link to the BB shows missing graphics etc then I think it's the ISP cache thingy. The first page of the real site is a chart overlaid wiht text. That is the front page of the real site.

We've had a huge number of people (130+) onto the site so I can only imagine that it's now limited to a very few people who can't access. Sorry Ivor, but it should come right in time :(
Yep Helen, with that information it is almost certainly ISPs Web Caches.

Should correct itself in time.