430 page options course - options Xpress

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May 12, 2008
like-new, unmarked, 10-book, 430 page options Xpress personal coaching course books. the coaching part can't be transferred. this is the full 10-book version, not the smaller abridged version.

paid about $2500 and asking $800. great for anyone who's a learns better at their own pace and on their own.

can do it through ebay so there is buyer protection. ebay account is since 2002, 200 feedbacks and 100% positive.

I purchased the books with my grandfather, who became ill and passed away before we could start the course, trading from his account. So I'm selling it after only having glanced through a few of the books.
comes with the glossy cardboard velcro-latch folders

the books are spiral bound paperback