4000th Member!!


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What about a special prize for the 4000th member!

Maybe a book of their choice,a free place on a course or something else.

What does everyone else thinks?
Boil 'em in oil.
Ooops, sorry, forgot to switch off 'curmudgeon' mode...
give them a copy of the Motley Fool UK investment guide I reckon, seeing as Terry Pratchett is getting a bit samey these days.
Failing that anything with a good laugh in it will do :)
Can we take it from your post RRG that you were the 3000th member and are a little bit miffed not even to get a badge :cool:?

From what I remember the MF UK Investment Guide only has terrible things to say about Day Trading - basically gambling - or was that the idea?
Hi Rglen,

I think hitting 4000 members will definately be a cause for celebration and at the current rate could just be a few months away. Certainly a free book, or even better, a T2W tshirt printed with our new logo (should have them ready by then - long overdue now!).

All the best,