20 minute delay



Maybe I'm thick or something, but how does the 20 minute price delay actually work when you are making a trade?

You receive a quote from T2W, twenty minutes later the trade is executed, but at a different price (lottery style :cheesy: ).

Wouldn't it be more realistic if the price quoted by the competition is the actual entry or exit price at which you have your trade fulfilled
No. Take your price from a real live feed.... Then buy on the comp. 20 minutes later, the T2W price should match very closely to your buy price of 20 minutes ago and your order will be executed.

I'm not qualified to do this BUT, bless you my son, bless you :cheesy:

This explains much, especially how some people manage to trade a tight range a make a good profit.

Now all I have to do is wait for the gornisht competition to be fixed.

Chartman, I see you are a noteable exception from the share comp. Why not join today, the fact that most have lost money would already put you in the top 20. Give it a go
Chartman is spot on - don't work off our quotes, you're always going to be at a disadvantage (there just there to give you an indication of the price, but we all know how quickly prices can move in liquid stocks). If you don't have access to a paid realtime feed, use a free one like ADVFN or MoneyAM to judge entry points. That's of course if you have the luxury of time to do it!

My plate is full and I have little enough time as it is.
Although I would enjoy it, and make a fool of myself, it serves no practical purpose so I have to decline the offer.