16 Cheap High Yields With Low Beta Ratios


Here is a current sheet of stocks with a dividend yield of more than 5 percent (high yield) and a cheap price to free cash flow ratio (a value of less than 10). In addition, the market capitalization is above $300 million and the stock should be less volatile than the whole capital market (a beta ratio under 1). 16 stocks fulfilled these criteria of which 7 yielding above 7 percent.

Here is the table with some fundamentals:
16 Cheap High Yields With Low Beta Ratios

The average price to earnings ratio (P/E ratio) amounts to 10.9 while the average forward P/E ratio is 9.0. The dividend yield has an average value of 7.6 percent. Price to book ratio is 0.8 and price to sales ratio 1.9. The operating margin amounts to 25.7 percent.

Which one would you buy?