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Sierra Chart

Sierra Chart is a leading realtime and historical charting and technical analysis software program for the financial markets. Sierra Chart has a large set of indicators and tools. You can also create your own custom indicators and systems using spreadsheets, Excel, or the API. Or use ones developed by other Sierra Chart users. It is widely known for it's solid and highly customizable design. Sierra Chart supports data from outside services.
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It has its advantages

It is lightweight, and easily modifyable. The downside is that the built in backtesting can be buggy, and is not very elegant when it comes to designing systems to backtest. You have to make sure 5 switches are turned on just to have one thing to work. Also make sure you have a good data-feed with it.
Stable and Simple, Helpful Support

The software might seem a bit complicated, but in about 30 mins got everything figured out and was able to start paper trading.

Within a couple of days I was comfortable enough to hook up with my trading account and move to simulated and then live trading.

Happy with the value of the service and the helpfull Support Board.
Very friendly trading software

I was afraid to use SC because I saw a lot of buttons and software seemed to be quite "old school". But if you spend few hours trying to set all the stuff, you will find it very flexible. Its very easy to use for me now even for daytrading. Also you don't need to have too much PC power to run it. With the pack 5 you can even use footprint chart or profile charts. So in sum - I like it and I can recommend for others.. For its purpose and for what it supposed to be doing I give mark 10. In global I'd give 7.

best charting package in the world by miles
Good charting and reliable.

Have been using SC with My Broker for a few years and found them to be user friendly and reliable.

Somehow, sierra Charts thinks it knows best and PnF charts should be drawn with bars not X and O. Not suitable at all for Point and Figure.
SC Magic

I'm a newbie to Sierra Chart but it's quite possible I'll be staying with them for some time now that SC Magic have plugged the gap in intraday data.

My system uses IB, Sierra Chart and a company called SC Magic to back fill the data files. It's all done by ftp and only takes a couple of seconds to download, automatically connecting to Sierra Chart and IB afterwards.

SC Magic charge 10 euros per month for this data which is unbelievably good value. The only drawback is the lack of futures available to download but they say they are going to increase this soon and just need an email request to get the ball rolling.

I'd recommend both programs to anyone trading futures.
Great value

it's undeniably great value for money. with exhange rates factored in, it was less than £23 for six months.

there are a wide range of indicators, including all the popular ones.

however, you do need to find a data provider, unless your trading platform is compatible.

it is very functional and takes getting used to because there are not any user friendly toolbars with configurable buttons. everything works through a series of drop down menus and hotkeys.

it's very 'hardcore' and is more suited to those that want to trade than those who want good looking sofware.
Nothing better

Sierra Chart is a great application, better and cheaper than any of it's opponents,

Data feed options are Mytrack for realtime and backfill, or Interactive Brokers for real time (free with a trading account)

For all you sad indicator freaks ( waste of time IMHO ) there is everything you can think of plus the ability to write your own.

Well worth the money.


I've been using Sierra for about 9 months having moved from AIQ live charts.

I really like the package, it's the nearest thing to Sharescope quality charts I have seen. Very configurable and flexible and good value for money. I have tried a couple of other RT packages like IRT and fsXtra but the charts are nowhere near as nice to use.

Recommend it highly.