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I was a long-time user of ProRealTime. I decided to close my account. They kept billing me for two months. I had to cancel my card to prevent anymore charges. They REFUSE to credit my card and are forcing me to create charge-backs.
I WOULD STAY AWAY. After multi-year relationship, they gave it all up in seconds. What a stupid business decision.
Pro real time or Ninja trader?

I have used it with live data for years. helpful support. I Also have Ninja trader live. I continue with pro because I suppose its easier than getting used to the charts on ninja. I am leaning towards buying a lifetime license with ninja as I get free data from my brokers. I dont like the inflexibility of pro other wise I am happy. Its fine and I cant really say anything against it. I do find their prices too high if for example you want to add the dax futures you need to pay Toooooooooooooooo much extra for just that one little thing. I suppose the way of the future is broker supplied data feeds that let you trade what ever you want.
Great EOD tool

I agree that PRT offers a great EOD tool for free. I am in the process of evalutating the RT feed to see if it is worth paying a monthly fee. I curretnly use Metatrader 4 as my RT feed for free.

I have been using eSignal as my charting program for 12 months since I started forex trading and became disenchanted with paying $140 / month for RT data when I am still not yet consistent enough with my strategies to be making enough profits to pay for the data feed. So I went looking for alternate charting packages that were comparable to the great features available in eSignal and found PRT only recently. The features I already like about PRT are:

- can setup linked multiple charts just like I could with eSignal

- Can set up a ProScreener to quickly search for candlestick patterns that my strategies rely on (and these were already preloaded on PRT so I did not need to program anything)

- The Cursor aligns on all linked charts and moves in a coordinated fashion on all charts when I reposition it on any single chart (this is a feature I loved about eSignal and a missing feature on Metatrader 4 that frustrates me immensely)

- I can maintain the chart template setup on different computers without needing to swap files between the computers or spend time re-doing setups on the other computers. (Can't do this on eSignal or Metatrader 4)

- I can run it on WIN or MAC computers (I currently use both these and so have been needing to use a WIN virtual O/S on my MAC to run Metatrader and eSignal)

- PRT loads faster than the GFT Dealbook 360 and Metatrader 4 platforms when I change forex pairs

I have been contemplating using the Metatrader 4 platform for my intraday strategies and will probably stay with PRT for my EOD strategies and some weekly timeframe strategies I am wanting to develop.

I like what I see in PRT so far.

Best for free EOD

I've been using this trouble-free for a couple of years (EOD) and haven't paid a penny. There are probably better options for RT access, but for the lone small EOD trader for whom monthly costs are a factor, I think this is the best available.


-Free EOD

-Java web-based so can access from any computer

-very comprehensive tool-set

-easy to use backtesting module

-can design own indicators & screeners easily or upload from the community

-European & US stocks, indicies, fx, futures


can be slow & clunky

RT data costs

Perhaps more a Jack of all trades and a master of none

I used Sharescope EOD for a while but unless you need access to lots of fundamental data, Prorealtime is the way to go