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IG is a global leader in online trading, providing fast and flexible access to over 15,000 financial markets – including indices, shares, forex and commodities.
We are a member of the FTSE 250, with headquarters located in the City of London. We offer both leveraged and non-leveraged products via our award-winning platform and mobile apps.

We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and process an average of over seven million transactions globally per quarter (Apr-Jun 2016). We were established in 1974 and now have over 152,600 clients worldwide, with a net global trading revenue of £456.3 million (May 2016).
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Thieves (In My View)

IG is corrupt to the core. Never ever give your money to these people, it won't take long for them to find a way to take it from you. I've dealt with many brokers, most not good, but IG are the bigger thieves in my view.
Maybe not the smartest choice

Before setting an account I did a lot of research about different brokers. About IG most of the reviews on different websites bring out more positive features than problems. On the other hand forums have mainly negative feedback. I didn't had issues with account registration, but as soon as I got problems (delays) regarding deal closing I started to look alternatives. Depending on the strategy it may be even a good broker to choose (for wide choice of investments), but regarding Binaries where execution time is crucial it is not a very good solution. Now I have focused my time to eToro (in my opinion the most comprehensive review about that broker is at [Link Removed]. If you google this broker you'll find a lot of information and feedback. Bad thing is that US traders are not allowed. Otherwise seems to be a fair platform and I really like the feature of copying professional traders.
How to get a Account with IG Index.

They only Give accounts to people who are employed and have over total annual income of 25,000 - 49,999 and total savings 50,000 - 149,999. If that is not true then they have scammed me. as I am not far off those figures.
Competitive pricing, nice research part

I don't trade with them but others might find useful the Brokerchooser IG Review -> http://brokerchooser.com/broker-reviews/ig-review
They were pretty positive about IG although the company has it's weak points like the too overcrowded platform and only leveraged product availability.
Fairly solid, but stop losses questionable

was trading with and they are the biggest so fairly easy choice to go with. Pretty much everything meets expectations. Platform is stable enough and their spreads are pretty good. they have education online so can teach myself a few things. everything was going well then during the gbp flash crash in november I got stopped out of my trade pretty bad. I tried to complain about it but they refused point blank and no real customer service, just referred me to their terms and conditions, so I decided to look for a new provider and after a decent searchi think I have decided on XTB. All in all I think IG are ok, just didn't like they way they handled my complaint. Hopefully better luck with XTB.
best strategy for trading

what is the essence of trading when you don't profit. Have you been tossed around by cyber swindlers and scammers and above all amateur traders, making you lose money.that's what you get when you fail to let professionals trade for you. well, i found a strategy,which i have been using and it helped me regain my money i lost during trading and i made more profit. you too can regain your lost money and gain profit in a short time of two weeks. contact me [email protected] or [email protected]

I have been trying to setup a new account with IG also for the past 2-3 weeks. They are pathetic. It is painful in how incompetent they are and I am shocked they have any customers.
I agree with the comments below in that how can anyone trust that they would deal with a real issue with any priority and basic ability. I think mentally deranged chimps could do a better job.

I opened an account with a competitor around the same time and they actually called me and made sure everything was setup correctly and I was happy. I guess there are no bananas in their break room.
Not the same problem for italian customers

I read so many negative comments, but I have never had problems with this broker. Although I admit that is not what we use most, and i didn't invest huge sums, which is perhaps why I haven't suffered from the same issues listed in the reviews here. Customer service is pretty quick, at least over here for Italian customers. As for the trading conditions (se here for IG trading condition for italian markets), you have always been respected. Here we IG is considered among the top 10 brokers on almost all the sites in the industry.
Terrible customer service

I've been trying to set up a new account with IG for 3 weeks already, and it's still not done :-D. I can only imagine
how terrible is their customer service when you need to do something more serious, like withdraw funds for example...
Avoid using for Binaries its a bucket shop more you win the more they want you to go away!!!

Avoid its a bucket shop for Binaries. They do not like winners. The favourite way to make you lose your money is they tamper with the execution. I am talking about Binaries here where speed of trade execution is everything.
Your losing trades will nearly always without fail get accepted. But when it comes time to Close the trade to take your profits this is where it becomes obvious they are tampering. You either get a long delay where you cannot do anything while they manually examine the price to see if its moving in their favour or you get a rejection then the market has moved away so you either lose money or by the time you try again the binary has expired or got within 30 secs of the expiry so you cannot do anything.
This has been going on for well over a decade now but as Binaries are not a regulated financial instrument there is nothing you can do except avoid using IG Index. Shame the FCA do not force them to state the timestamp accepted/rejected & delay time in a loggable format so the customer has absolute proof. This would then make the underhand practise go away as you can prove it so they would not bother trying that anymore!!
Shame as everything else on their trading platform is superior to the other offerings I do not even think they would lose much if they did allow instant execution as it would be made up for by the volume of customers they would attract & someone will always lose to guarantee their profits when they get overconfident & or the tight spread causes a misjudgement on the price action required!
I have used them on/off for well over a decade nothing ever changes either. Also like others have said in their reviews here they tamper with large winning positions so you appear to either lose it all & or they somehow change your pricing data so you see on their trading platform such a drastic price movement you close either with a loss or greatly reduced profit!
I am not talking small amounts of money either I have been up over 14K on a single trade then due to them manipulating my price data its dropped to 1.4K in the blink of an eye & lurched into negative a few times but as soon as I closed the position their underlying shot back up to the true price on the open market costing me well over 12K!!
You see underhand tactics they have the playbook as they wrote it you cannot possibly beat them over time they will wipe you out & put you into serious debt if you let them!