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Banned for pointing that the moderators were not following their own rules.

As I can see from other reviews the moderators do not believe in free speech, and cant handle any criticism.
There are also lot of ex-professional traders saying things like traders cant compete against the hedge funds and so shouldn't try. Can I point out if this was true then sites like that have no point but to fleece ppl of their money and the website is complicit.
Broadsided and Banned

I entered into Elite Trader looking for some good idea exchange and in general, things traders like to discuss. In the course of doing so I added my comments on the trading software that I use that has some very unique features built in, especially the Genetic Algorithm and Neural Net system development capabilities that are built in. I really thought I was contributing the the knowledge base that a trader wants to have.

Well, the next time I logged in, or tried to, I get this "You have been banned for the following reason: spam".

What I really think happened is I mentioned the name of another software package besides Ninjatrader and it was an automatic "you are outta here".

So the previous poster who mentioned all the losers who are selling and teaching fits my impression as well if there is no "free speech" on the forum and it is product specific. Makes for a sterile idea environment.
Elite Trader

The website is very good. The posters are engaging and more positive than other Trader Websites. There are some very experienced Traders and these tend to be far less Chauvinistic ( A Smug sense of superiority) than other trading websites. Not too keen on their makeover preferred the old one, but nevertheless a very good forum.
Elite trader is a marketing site for vendors

My experience on Elite trader was :I never met any real traders on the forum .
I did expect accomplished traders to hang out on elite trading forum , but there were just losers ,failures , scammers , learners, amateurs , retards, dunning Kruger traders (they believed they were competent), incompetent traders , unqualified mentors , unsuccessful traders who had failed at trading and started offering educational courses , trend trading educators ,price action educators /vendors , prop shop failures and marketeers ,signal sellers , brokers selling services ,option course sellers , indicator sellers , software sellers , automated systems , charting services and vendors who are polluting trader's threads with biased marketing to traders.

The above type of crowd of losers ,failures ,trading pretenders (vendors) and amateurs contribute to poor content for real traders.Content contributions are mainly short and useful for creating high advertising impressions . but nothing for the succesful traders , but everything for losers.

My experience was similar to that of visiting a mental instituition of failed traders and a bunch of regular losers , who keep re-appearing every week, with several new threads about how succesful they are.Why would a succesful trader hang out on this forum and be bombarded /attacked by forum vendor biased content manipulation trolls?Why would he? He has nothing or not much to learn from it and is likely to be mightily annoyed by the silly posturing of losers/pretenders desperately trying to impress their sponsors /vendors .Traders trade and when they are done with it they just enjoy their lives and forget trading .

If a vendor sold trend trading education on the forum , the member participating in counter productive threads woould get banned , because he participated in a thread "technical anylysis useless junk science " , 80 % of trends fail and 95% of traders lose due to phsychology.There is a bunch of posters acting as forum police , whose sole job is to protect and promote vendors and attack traders and destroy important trading content , content which conflict with sponsors.Threads get closed , interrupted,hijacked and manipulated .

50,000 threads and several million posts , with poor content and biased content was of no use to me .It was a waste of time.Everything you get on Elite Trader is freely available on the internet search engines , but you also get quality , if you search hard enough.

I agree with above poster from 2011. ET has become even more biased than before.

I was banned for disagreeing with Thread orignator who I believe's main function is post generation.

[I actually could care less about the ban, ET has very little substance left, primarily used for comic relief]

In this instance, however, I noticed a pattern of Post manipulation, Edits, deletions etc when ever they were unfavorable to the OP, basically calling him out for lack of transparency. If a person continued to challenge the OP, he would have the user banned. I noticed a large percentage of people no longer posting and then negative posts removed.

To follow is the post I made which had the user name "Mellow" banned and confirmed my comments. After Banning all reference to it was deleted.

"Posted by optionpro007"
This thread has a significant quantity of posts deleted by the moderator. Probably they were deleted. I don't have time or interest of following every detail.

"Posted/Reply by Mellow"
Moderator? This journal reads more like blog or column with a full time editor than a trade journal. It is heavily biased.

Unfavorable posts are deleted or re written completely out of context. Users who are skeptic, or speak against the OP get banned yet OP can use insulting, defamatory words and names without reprisal.

Recent example. OP threatened libel suit, yet he previously called other members assclowns, convicts, etc... now all reference have been removed, but not until it was pointed out to OP that his behavior may also be actionable.

OP advertises openly to his so called hedge fund association. Claims he has permission, yet according to ET terms of service and rules only paying site sponsers may do so.

6. Advertisements and solicitations of any kind are strictly prohibited unless you are a paying site sponsor.

What I don't completely understand is why the double standard?
Why is this thread treated differently than other ET threads?
Why the favorable treatment?
Why can OP get other peoples posts deleted or edited so often?
Why can OP get users banned so quickly? Why does he also? There is an ignore feature after all.

Does OP have different editing rights than other users? Many of his posts are deleted or changed long after the 30 minute period. People need to rely on screenshots to follow this thread.

Is OP actually a sponsor or stealth vendor?

Link to thread: http://www.elitetrader.com/et/index.php?threads/the-surf-report.285862/
Like the USSR before it went under

Constant spam in the forums by some of the forums "sponsors" (e.g., Amp Futures).

Say anything critical (but completely justified) about said sponsors & your posts will be removed & you'll be banned from the forum.

Elitetrader is possibly the most commercial, corrupt, ethically challenged forum providing poor & slanted reviews on the entire internet.

If you loved living in the old USSR before it broke up, there's a home for you on the elitetrader.com forum.


I did email the forum moderator about this issue, and here is the response (emphasis by me in italics):

<*****, Amp is a sponsor and thus is allowed to promote there firm. Members that interact with Amp, be it be negative or positive should not be restricted from posting, unless they have repeatedly voiced the same opinion and in doing so have not furthered the conversation, and have halted AMP's efforts in reaching out to our members. >

<pre>In other words, the site is a puff site for its sponsors to advertise on without it seeming like they're advertising. And anybody who interferes with that mission will be banned.