CMC Markets

CMC Markets


All peto has said plus:

Good for smaller bets (<£10/point) on UK FTSE100 shares because most of the time, there is no extra spread added on.

US share bets not so good: minimum spread is 5 and they frequently increase to 10 or 15 in volatile conditions. I have seen the spread jump to 100 e.g. EBAY and remain there for a minute or so.

And to repeat peto: scalping indices for < say 20 points will kill you.
D4F Spreadbet (and CFD)

Uses the almost the same quotes as D4F CFD, with spreads just 1 point wider in some instances. No bias although all index prices are based on futures prices so it might seem like there is if you are watching the actual index prices. Both have reasonable real-time charts but CFD charts are better.

Foreign Exchange prices are competitive with the open market (better at times) so a good choice for tax free FX dealing.

Index spreads are easily the best in the S B market (but still about twice what you'd find for true Futures). Fills can be very fast if you get automated service (about 1 second). In my experience auto-fills were usualy available during market hours on the major indexes on reasonably small bets, but sometimes very slow (30 secs?) outside of these times and on lesser indexes like the Spanish IBEX leading to re-quotes.

Trading Platform loads in 30 secs or so after initial downloading, is stable, allows limit/stops/oco. Account status is always 10 odd minutes out of date, irritatingly.

Customer Service is good

Due to the taxfree benefits I would reccommend them for FX trading; and Index trading if your time horizon is over 1 or 2 hours on open positions. For shorter term trades get a futures account as the spread will kill you!

Individual shares - can't comment, no experience

For UK stocks I think D4F are excellent. I wouldn't personally use any SB company for index trading now I have a real futures account.
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