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    PROOF That Forex is RANDOM video

    But not much of a mathematician or logician, apparently. :thumbsdow
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    Lot sizes vs spreadbetting

    For heaven's sake, Qwerty, there's nothing to disagree with - except basic arithmetic, which has been universally agreed on since the days of Euclid or before. From your own figures, your man made an average of 40 pips per trade (derived simply by dividing his 80,000 pips by his 2,000 trades)...
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    Lot sizes vs spreadbetting

    His expectancy is apparently +40 pips per trade, on balance. At your proposed stake that's +£40 per trade, so +£80,000 in total. If it's been honestly and accurately reported to you, if it isn't backfitted, if - going forward - the performance remains unchanged, if you can match his outcomes...
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    Betting Exchange In-Play

    I take your point, Roger. But I suspect that whereas the number of people subscribing to SIS is now increasing exponentially, and the turnover on the exchanges with it as more and more people are making a living this way, the number of people actually able and willing to attend race-meetings or...
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    sports arbitrage trading

    Oh dear ... the conversation's just taken a _very_ ugly turn. :cry:
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    Betting Exchange In-Play

    Hi Roger, You are quite right. As Betfair warns punters under the "Rules" tab on nearly every page: "Users should be aware that transmissions described as live by some broadcasters may actually be delayed". Many people exploit this by betting in-play, simply using a domestic SIS subscription...
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    $300 to $30,000 in six weeks trades using custom '6-x-clutter' indicator

    To what extent is the maple biscuit an integral part of the strategy? I do appreciate how irritating it can be when people see a beautifully crafted strategy and immediately want to start changing things before they've even started paper-trading it for a while, but at the same time one can't...
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    'No indicators' revisited

    Long old thread, though, innit, John? Nearly 1,300 posts and I haven't yet put my head over the parapet ...
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    Tightest bid/ask spread ?

    USD/CAD, AUD/USD, EUR/JPY, EUR/GBP, NZD/USD, this sort of thing. Would also need some independent corroboration of their regulatory body (i.e. how like the FSA they are): I'm aware that SB firms tend to be far better regulated and their customers far better protected than for most forms of...
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    Timeframes & Indicators

    I don't know about "safely" :) but that ought to be the theory, IMHO. Yes indeed; I'm using two specific TA patterns of price-bars (1-2-3-formations and Ross-hooks) to try to identify reversals and trend-continuation respectively. But I've used indicators before, and next time I fancy some...
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    Where is the Dow & others heading in 2005?

    I think that with only minimal "interpreting" the same can perhaps be said of the 3-hour chart.
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    Timeframes & Indicators

    Yes; you will get that. The idea of "high probability trades" is that you leave the indicator settings the same at different timeframes, and only take the trade when the indicators agree. So the example you mention is a lower probability trade which you would "filter out" by using charts of...
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    Tightest bid/ask spread ?

    Thanks, Mike. You're right and I'm in touch with them (but at the moment they don't offer the currencies I want for Forex trading).
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    Day betting on FTSE is possible

    I completely agree with you, Splitlink. I used to daytrade indices quite a bit at one time, though I must say I usually found the Dax a little bit easier than the FTSE. (And of course there are several detailed threads here compiled by members who daytrade the Dow.)
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    W8-BEN Form - some advice please

    That's the only one of your questions I can answer ... They're taxable as capital gains, unless you choose to declare yourself to be a "trader" to the I.R., in which case you can voluntarily pay income tax on them instead. The tax-free allowance is much higher for CGT (around £8,500) but it's...