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    Stock news software

    hi! guys i dont like EquityFeed at all so could you please tell me another stock news software to consult? thank you Juan
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    how much money do you need to live like a day trader

    well the focus of my question was to know if for instance i say i have in my account 50k or 100k and i am able to say i can dedicate my life to day trading. or i need an account of 1M to start thinking that?
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    how much money do you need to live like a day trader

    hi! folk this is the question how much money do you i need in my account to day i quit my current job and i start a life a day trader? please im not talking about the you need 25k to be a day trader for legal reason, i am talking a new job my own job as a day trader
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    Staple-Office Depot merger&acquisition

    hi! folks is someone following the Staple and Office Depot merger & acquisition?
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    mergers and acquisition volume

    ok so let me give you an example we have this stock X trading today at 7.71 and the M&A would make it jum like 30%, to 10. i could see that when an acquisition happens the volume jumps like 10x time the average volume. so if the average volume today is 3M, after the M&A the volume would be like...
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    mergers and acquisition volume

    hi! folks a question how many volume should i buy when im trading a merger and acquisition? i mean when the trasaction has a sudden jump from 30 to 50% thanx
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    Experience in the stock market

    hi! folks this is Juapn and i would like to share my experience in the stock market and hear about your comments i think this is not something new but i could see that news drive stocks very strongly in the merger and acquisition sectors. but what i saw that i can see news appears in the...
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    penny stock news

    hi! folks does anybody know if there are any penny stocks news search engines?? thanx Juan
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    Whats next any help

    Thanx! buddy
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    Whats next any help

    got it, you are suggesting that i should take rules from my trades? right?
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    Whats next any help

    which journal, which one?
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    Whats next any help

    hi! folks i am in need of suggestions cos im confused i tried Timothy Sykes advice....out! i tried Steve Nison candlestick book with RSI, seeing what is oversold (RSI<30)...out! i tried the MACD(12, 26, 9) indicator, seeing when is a reversal....out! i tried Ord-Volumen, and the volumen tells...
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    Day Trader Taxes

    hi! Folks i need your help in this issue which are the taxes that a day trader should pay, as income taxes and so on, in usa? Thanx in advance Juan
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    how to live as a day trader in USA

    Hi! Folks my name is Juan and i am an argentinean citizen now living in my country. i recently opened up an account on TDAmeritrade as a foreigner. my question is i would like to know if theres any visa that i can get to live and work as a self-employed stock market trader in USA i look forward...
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    Day Trading - Pick a volume

    Hallo! Folks Situation: you are a day trader and you are viewing a 1-minute chart on it could be Think&Swim and its 11am and you think is a good time to buy that stock. How many share should you buy? Timothy Sykes says in one of his videos that he wouldnt be more than 2% percent of the volumen...