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    T2W Quarterly London Meet-Up - Weds, March 13th

    I will pop in at 6pm on my way home, cant stay for long but better than nothing i suppose.
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    Fraudster pulled a fast one on me

    Nowler didn't say but but if they were losing bets then the fraudster got off without paying for them. But if they were winning bets and Nowler refused to pay out then he would have indeed saved his firm money. Given that Nowler is worried it is probably the first case.
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    5% of traders make it?

    The stat you want is 'Of all of the accounts ever opened at IG (in the last 44 years). How many of those made an overall profit' My guess is that figure is closer to 5% than 24%.
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    Improving an automated system

    Based on your PF of approx 1.5 and approx 1500 trades over the period and 60% win rate. You should of made approx 900 units in profitable trades and 600 units in losing trades. (900/600 = 1.5 pf and 900+600=1500) Therefore your net profit is 300 units (900-600) and you say your overall return...
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    If somebody has an experience of copying losing strategy with reverse?

    You are using hindsight bias in your example, Google and the S&P have made new all time highs recently. But lots of stocks crash and burn and never recover. Even Apple was going to zero had Steve Jobs not gone back in the 90s. Even whole indexes spend decades before making new highs. If you...
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    Taxes: required HMRC forms? and do we need to enter every single trade over the year?

    For my company accounts: I just tell my accountant this how much net profit from trading i made for the year (excluding commissions and fees and interest). How much commissions i paid, How much i paid in data fees (and other fees) to my broker. How much interest i paid out from the brokerage...
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    From UK looking to day trade US stocks BUT with $25,000 starting balance

    Safer to deposit 30K if you plan to day trade. Due to any losses taking you below 25K. Actually even if you dont lose money, FX movements could take you below 25K, if your account has a GBP base currency.
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    Who trades for a living? It is possible?

    The FCA is currently looking into things like aggressive marketing and opening bonuses, leverage, binary options, will be interesting to see what they decide.
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    Richard Joyson aka Mr Charts

    Immense knowledge and trading expertise? Someone needs to look up the definition of the word Charlatan. And also look up Gullible while you are it.
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    Brexit Remain Rage

    Choosing a leader is another emotional decision. Best anyone can do is pick one that feels right and then replace them quick if the wrong decision was clearly made (ie they are crap at leadership like Corbyn or IDS or Brown)
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    Brexit Remain Rage

    In trading people make emotional decisions all the time, especially when starting out. Who hasn't placed a trade they knew they shouldn't be making? Who hasn't revenge traded with huge size relative to account equity?
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    How long did it take you to realize that you will never be profitable trading

    There is an average duration posters are active on Trade2win. When they give up on trading they tend to stop posting here as well. So you wont get many answers to your question, except maybe from the guys who just seem to post off topic stuff now. BTW you dont need a big edge, even a small...
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    EU financial transaction tax

    Ftt not happening anytime soon, ie within this current decade, not worth worrying about for now.
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    Tips to win in Binary Option?

    Spreads are way too wide. Often in the region of 15 to 20%, or more! You open a bet for £10 pp and you are down £200 on your position straight away, no way to minimise your loss by closing out early. If a binary bet firm can get 10,000 suckers to lose £200 each. They make a £2 million for...
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    Uk Trader Blamed For Flash Crash

    I read he (or his company) was a member of the CME, and he paid $450K for the privilege. If so he not some random UK citizen placing a few trades over the internet. His membership would mean he has strong legal ties and obligations to the US with regards to his trading on the CME. Not like the...