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    Questions for day traders

    Thanks again, of course i wouldn't want to get free membership out of the site like that. Doing that is really annoying, trust me, I'm enough of a troll to know!
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    Questions for day traders

    that's all fine, relax. But your posts have made me wonder, what do they charge after the trial period?
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    Questions for day traders

    Thanks I'll keep that in mind, of course i look forward to hearing about more tools and patterns, day trading is professional gambling so one pattern may not always work even if it nets a profit on average.
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    Questions for day traders

    So, when you wake up in the morning to choose a nice stock to exploit, how do you start looking for it? I know that low-value, volatile stocks are ideal for day trading, but there are more than one of these. How can you predict when the price is going to spike so you can buy it before hand and...
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    What's the difference between a debt and a liability?

    well, that's true, a clever accountant will make the company look healthier than it actually is. Companies, like the treasury, can manufacture value if you will. Trust nobody, trust in nothing!
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    What's the difference between a debt and a liability?

    so...if you look at a balance sheet for a corporation, there are debts AND liabilities. The two terms seem very much the same, but they must have some notable differences. also, does one just need to read the balance sheet to figure this out, or is there also relevant info on the cash flow and...
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    "Penny" stocks you own and why?

    I guess it's the case that stocks that don't cost much are a bad idea because they aren't popular. However, you can still make money off them. Also, how cheap is a stock before it's considered a "penny stock" on wall street?
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    Ways of researching stocks/ETFs that have dropped to $0?

    It's really easy to find information about stocks that are currently being traded, but to me it's also interesting to find out about stocks/ETFs that have resulted in complete failure, and what exactly happened there. What are some stocks/ETFs that have hit $0, or what keywords/terms can I use...
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    How does inverted yield curve indicate recession?

    Overall you have explained it pretty clearly, but i generally want to know about all the aspects and factors when it comes to financial instruments which can get pretty complex and confusing. Often finding specific information i want in terms of investing is more difficult than I would think in...
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    How does inverted yield curve indicate recession?

    So yield curves are based entirely off of interest rates on treasury securities? If that is the case, then how are the market participants setting the interest rate? I thought the FED did that themselves based on inflation prevention, controlling unemployment, etc.?
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    How does inverted yield curve indicate recession?

    This is taken for granted in the general news media that an inverted yield curve is an indicator or a recession. How is an inverted yield curve a sign of an economic recession?
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    US stocks expecting 'very rough' 2019 that may see 20 percent lower

    it is interesting to me the amount of corporate debt that has been getting racked up, some theorize it will be the source of the next recession. This just makes me want to ask more questions though. How much debt can a company have before they go bankrupt? Which factors influence this?
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    How does one trade options?

    I've read the wikipedia page on options trading, but unfortunately i don't really understand what they are. Currently I just trade stocks and etfs, which is very simple. I would like to hear an explanation of how exactly someone trades options. The only thing i know so far is that the "strike...
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    Weekend trading

    Hmmm, i don't know of any exchanges that allow for weekend trading, but on Robinhood you can make an order at anytime and it will execute right away on Monday. I think they allow for for trading on pre-market and post-market hours but I would check into that.
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    Get in on index fund or just buy/accumulate ETFs?

    Hey everyone, I'm just wondering how I can get better returns on my vangaurd Roth IRA. I've read that ETFs overall have lower costs than mutual funds (similar to index funds i guess?), and the thing I like about them is they are very easy to trade. They function in the same way that stocks do...