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    what is your monthly and year profit in %?

    The % is a very important indicator of performance in trading. What is the medium % profit do you have every month or year? Or if you have a jurney about % earnings, feel free to post it here. Thank you!
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    resources for automatically following successful traders

    Hello, I am looking to follow good and well known traders automatly from my account. I am intrested about his history trades statistics and to follow this automatly from my real account, not manualy. What are the best well known traders & brokers that provide such services to automatly follow...
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    Indices and CFD's list that go long for years

    thanks, but there is no list on internet like this?
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    Indices and CFD's list that go long for years

    Where I can find a list with many idices that go long for years like US30, USTEC, US500, US2000 and so on with so very little corrections? and CFD's that go long for years ... with very little corrections as well? And what is the best broker to find them all? Thank you!
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    good broker to trade BTCUSD please

    I try it, they only accept bitcoins and in my wallet "the confrimation of the payment is delayed likely due to an overloaded of teh Bitcoin network" so I can not use my bitcoins that I buy last night :-(
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    good broker to trade BTCUSD please

    Ok, so I use to trade to ICMarkets but they dont alow this anymore on bitcoin since yestarday. Plus 500 is limited to 0.20 lot right now. I try FX Primus but right now is having 250 points spread and dosnt alow more then 2 lots. XTB dosnt alow more then 2 contracts on btcusd as well. Please let...
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    Bitcoin brokers?

    I am also looking for brokers that trade crypto during the weekend, with low spreads and large lavarage. I am also intrested in brokers that accept bitcoin for deposit and withdrawal.
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    Looking for a broker that trade BTCUSD in weekend and accept bitcoin for deposit

    Hello, I am looking for a serious broker that offer BTCUSD for trade and accept bitcoin payment and for withdrawl as well. I am also looking for a broker that offer Bitcoin trading during the weekend. Thank you!
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    Introduce Yourself

    Hello, I am Cipp. I trade forex for few months 10 years ago, didnt trade since then, but I am back trading.