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    Market data and analysis

    Thank you for the helpful information))
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    difference between Binary & forex trading

    Thanks for the reply. Clear. And thanks for the link
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    Stock Trading Mentor

    Yeah was also looking for myself but not anyone responded. So good luck
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    New to forum pro trader

    18 and already working. Well done, and there is great success
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    ProFxOptions - info needed

    Studied different and I see the first time. Maybe she's just new ? or scammers I do not need to contact them
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    i have no money

    Better not to take a loan and beginning to accumulate though not a lot.
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    Risk free trading 100%

    I am also a beginner. And thank you for the start though that be studied ?
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    Essentials Of 'New to Trading'

    That there is no longer anyone there ? the topic is closed
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    I’m New To TRADING – Where Do I Start?

    Hi. Also looking for a broker only from Russia there who can help?
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    Introduce Yourself

    Hello ))) my name is Andrew. Recently engaged and want to learn