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    Article Trading Psychology From a 9 Year Old

    I think it is a very good question that he is trying to answer. A lot of the times, i find it difficult to say that i am a professional trader. People think it is a use less thing and i say its only 6hrs a day that i have to put in and no more, i like the lazy nature of it. But i know from...
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    Broker offering index trading in Chinese Mainland Stock Index

    I want to again ask the same question, does any broker offer shanghai composite index, i am in desperate need of that. any information will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    best technical analysis book/s?

    i like to read books which are not famous but are very good books, because those are techniques which most people dont know and it becomes easier to make money.
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    CMC MM running slow (CFD)

    I have also noticed that the response is a little slowed, but to find their new charting software poor is sort of insane, i think its better than before. some problems with the quotes but not so much that it freezes completely. I have restart it what else...
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    The fate of a trader

    well what a brilliant thread and some amazing posts. but i have a little different problem, my trading is a sort of business and i dont day trade. i only spend 3 hours a day on analysis of charts for my trading, and if i have to take a position on something i will know the previous day and only...
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    Gustav! It's a brave man to go long oil now?

    well abolute rock bottom no one knows but around 64 i think could be a bottom for it, but its interesting to read that a legendary member suggests that oil could go back above 150 by year end, cant see how it will happen, because that will need euphoria, which i cant see come from anywhere. plus...
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    oil trading style

    sure it did and also fall below 100 all the way to 90, and this move back up is only going to lead to more liquidation, longer term i think we can see 65 on crude!!!!!! easily
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    90% Fail????

    look markets can be only compared to poker, the house is the exchange and the broker, they get the commission for us playing. now if millions of people are playing on a table and they generally leave when they lost it all, that money stays on the table and as people fade and new one comes in...
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    Pedro's Evolution

    In retrospect, as hard as it was to sweep her off her feet, it now seems easy compared with this trading lark. two things here, the one thing that you want most is the most difficult, because you are being tested at how much you want it. if you take on 2 difficult tasks and do better at the...
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    Pedro's Evolution

    I know how it feels to go from one thing to another,and not knowing whats happening. but the reality is that today there are so many things that traders are doing and so many things that everyone knows, that at times its bloody obvious. like for stops. so my mentor who has over 30 years of...
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    90% Fail????

    I really like what bthomp2 has written. but the good thing is that in 18months i am already close to reaching 4th stage and still have the same amount of money, as to when i started, that is despite two drawdowns. rather you can say i have reached the 4th stage because i know what to trade, how...
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    90% Fail????

    i read all the posts so far, and this for sure is an interesting tug of war. Only thing i dont understand is how does religion get into trading and why something like that be used here, its disgusting. Anyways, what i think about why a lot of traders fail is: 1. they overleverage, thus dont...
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    Crude Oil on high note it?

    thats not the issue, my point is that how does it make sense to have a spread that is only 1/8th your bigger position, it doesnt provide much hedge anyways. may be adjusting for beta you could have gone for 1/2 times the gold position, anyways its not my job to make anyone better. if anyone...
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    90% Fail????

    well i read all the comments. the thing is that there are various aspects to trading, mental physical, emotional, etc. there could be more, but one thing i have figured out is about these 90% of people failing is that either they are undercapitalised like me or they suffer drawdowns that wipe...
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    Crude Oil on high note it?

    i read your website, but think that hedging 1/8th of my risk is not sensible. your crude trade was worth $11500, while Gold trade was $82230, the gap is so huge that i wouldnt do a trade like that. rather i would go naked. another thing is i dont trade for these 2% moves, my thinking is that...