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    plus500 with real money ?

    I started with the free £20 that plus500 gave me and I'm now a millionaire.
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    his twitter feed has certainly gone quiet recently...
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    Spreadbetting as a university student

    I agree don't do it. the odds are stacked MASSIVELY against you. 98% likely your £500 (and more) will be gone within a few weeks.
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    UBS rogue trader also lost 123K spread betting

    this guys must have been addicted to winning that he NEVER wanted to lose. so he would have been adding and adding to a losing trade int he hope that he would never lose. until he lost the LOT
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    FAQ How Long Does it Take to Make a Stable Income from Trading?

    for the MAJORITY it is NEVER. that is a FACT
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    What do you tell people you "do"?

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    Sucessful Profitable Spreadbetting - The way I do it

    you know what I're lying ! you make a living and £200 a day from a £400 account trading at £2 pp..... LOL :lol: you'd never been successful at spreadbetting and suddenly were when you lost your job....aye right !
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    Trading for a Living

    yes happened a lot to me. WHY - because I RAN LOSSES. that was the mistake, running losses will ONLY EVER result in a eventual wipeout
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    Trading for a Living

    with a 2-year drawdown you are NO GOOD. simple as that , you can't trade for 2 years and not make any money if trading is your only way to earn a living. you'd be homeless
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    Mr Spread Betting is back, be careful everyone

    what other options are there ? learn for yourself , the HARD way, lose all your money , you car, your house, your family....then you will know the Pain. that pain will ensure that you NEVER EVER do the stupid things that you did to lose. your head will be clearer, only then will you be able...
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    Trading for a Living

    who is this mystical "mentor" you have then Benji ??
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    Trading for a Living

    your mentor is right, I can see much more clearly now due to the turmoil I have been through in trading, you won't understand probably as you haven't been there yet... just think about it from another viewpoint. you want to be a professional GAMBLER (Trader). no different to a professional...
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    Trading for a Living

    everything I said makes sense Lee, trading with a full time job is even more difficult, you can't give either the trading OR your job full attention. I KNOW as I tried it for 4 years regarding my "gambling" problem....I was trading and I lost. like many many traders have lost and lost and...
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    Hmm. Please confirm that I wasn't born with 666 on the back of my neck.

    easily achievable? say start with £25k (relatively large account in my book...) lets say 50% profit per year (is this even achievable ?!?) year 1: 37.5k 2: 56.25k 3: 84.3k 4: 126k 5: 189k 6: 283k 7: 424k 8: 636k and thats after 8 YEARS with 50% gains per year....which seems exceptionally...
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    Mr Spread Betting is back, be careful everyone

    wow this guys get Scottish people a BAD name ! probably sitting in his Glasgow council flat scamming people all over the world. GET A LIFE AND GET A JOB ROBERTSON !!!!