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Firstly, in response to Sid's initial, 'hostile' response:

I am not looking for a fight or argument in anyway, I am merely pointing out observations that others have no doubt noticed too. Your typical immature response speaks volumes about your professionalism though... you sound like a kid that's just been criticized and has now thrown their toys out of the pram.

Then there was a post by Phoenix saying...

"You been following this thread with interest for how long? one day?

If you think trading is number of skills learned in 7 days, you're in the wrong business..that's if you are involved in trading at all."

??????????? What is that about?? Again, that post really speaks volumes about the intelligence levels of the posters here. Could I not have been following this post from the beggining, but just signed up yesterday to post?? Of course, and that is what I did.

Next, when did I ever say trading was a skill learned in 7 days? Im the one saying that it CANT be learnt in 7 days, yet by the words you have used in your posts, that's what you hint at. Read the post properly and you'll see this for yourself. YOU are the one that is saying that you went from total chart novice, to traders block, to £17k in a month! That is absolute nonsense.

I have spoken with many members of the group via private message and most are all in agreement that your calls are useless. From what I've heard (and i quote a PM)... 'Yes, you get ONE initial (ACCURATE) bias call from him, but from then on you get nothing regarding actual entries and exits. Next time you hear from him you get a massive string of wins at the end of the day with no clue as to where he picked them up from"

Now I undersatnd what people like Silken Mask are saying about hand holding, and I agree. But some traders do actually need hand holding in the early stages, ESPECIALLY if they are paying money for the system. Another PM i recieved back explained how Sid blames his 'personal' issues on the lack of time he can give the group. From what I gather, he's nearly made £30,000 selling this sytem, so in my book, sympathy doesnt come into the equation. Typical sob story response.

Anyway, I await the next immature, macho response from these guys, telling me what a loser I am, and what a great trader Sid is.... blah blah blah.... sooo predictable.

Im off to my day job now anyway.... "Taxi for Tesco's please"

P.S - Stardog, can you post those links again please, they are not working.
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[QUOTE=Julia]Firstly, in response to Sid's initial, 'hostile' response:

Now I undersatnd what people like Silken Mask are saying about hand holding, and I agree. But some traders do actually need hand holding in the early stages, ESPECIALLY if they are paying money for the system.

Hello Julia

Some of us are trying to help the new traders as much as we can and will take time to do so. I myself have made a friend out of a member who recently left and was very helpful in sending me quite a lot of E Books on Technical Analysis and hopefully these will help others.

There are a lot of very experienced traders in the group and most i know are trying to help with advice and actual training, Your plan you mentioned earlier would be very much appreciated as any techniques will be looked at and hopefully in time those that have improved will help others as trading can be a very lonely occupation.

Id just like to say thank you to all the people who are helping and i hope everyone especially the new people who do need help are able to enjoy their trading as well as making back the costs they have incurred.

While this is happening I think a Cap should be put on the group to enable the members that still do need help to get that help and in time take the closed sign off when everyone is happy.
and more importantly everyone is successful in their trading not just a few.
Silk ... Which is real ? Reality or Fantasy ? "The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it."
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My original post has certainly provoked a far greater response than I expected, but there is now a variety of heart-felt opinions here from people experienced with Phoenix.

I realise it is cowardly to hide behind an anonymous user name, but the hysterical responses elicited from Sid are the very reason that these issues were not raised in the chatroom - I have seen what he does when people cross him or have a different opinion. (Sid, this is an area that you need help on ...... seriously ..... this will impact your trading and quality of life generally if you do not sort it ...).

It doesn't matter who I am, I am not out to get anyone. This is not a vendetta, nor am I particularly unhappy (I am able to accept my mistakes and move on). I want to air my opinions, to let others know another view on this system and perhaps get some things changed in the Phoenix chatroom.

I want to remain with the system and using the chatroom as both have value (although probably not in the way I originally thought) and do not want to get thrown out.

I take full responsibility of spending my money with Sid - it was my choice. I will not be asking for a refund, as I'm not sure it is worth the aggro ..... it is, after all, the cost of a losing trade or two and I am sure that I can get further value from it.

What would be good to see (and of particular help to me and hopefully others) is that either all trades are called (entry and exit) or the results are produced at the end of the day showing entry, exit and timestamp (this is the easier way, as they can be cut and pasted from a statement or trade record) - I don't want to know the P&L, just pips won or lost on a trade. That way I can go back through the charts and see what I should have done. (Friday is a good example, where I managed to lose nearly 100 pips (real money). When I paper traded at the end of the day, the results were even worse, but I believe that Sid made a profit for the day ..... I can't see how he did it ...... that is what I need to learn).

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Originally Posted by Julia
P.S - Stardog, can you post those links again please, they are not working.
Hi Julia,

Just get the zip file that I included in my previous message. After typing my message, I realized I had the files already and just zipped them and put it in the post. My links might require you to be a member of the Yahoo MetaTraders group (which you may join if you'd like, there is ALOT of experienced traders there).
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A lot of bad vibes on this forum. Not good for trading.

Where do i begin, first off im a member of phoenix forex and have knew sid way back before phoenix forex started. What i see as far as concerns are is that ppl want sid to call his trades in the room so they can determine his analysis of the system and why he placed the trade. I know sid is more than capable of this as before pts came onto the scene sid always gave his input (very bloody good calls might i add...infact id go as far to say calls that made one person a millionnaire due to sids guidence). I know he has personal issues restricting his time in the room and i also know the amount of ppl paid for the system so i show empathy for both partys but sid has been getting back on the ball again and today called his spot on bias call and his trades calls....So yes guys an gals a message to sid-we all know in the trading room what you have ben through and we see everyday your rising above it . You have a good system from which i am more than happy with.(Its one of the main factors as to why i am a full time trader now) so lets take it to the next level and then there will be no more unhappy chappys getting yappy (yoooo check my freestyle lyrics) lol.

On a serious note though once again the pts is a good system that aids ppl in the conclusion of trades

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion for whatever reason

The reason for this system is not to 'hold hands' but to become an independant trader and yes some ppl need more guidence to use it indepenantly (i am was one of them)

Overall siddy boy make the calls like you have done an lets just say i recon this thread will turn into a thread with pretty butterflies and colourful rainbows lol (okay enuff head the ball talk)

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thx sid for the great job u doing. good calls of yesterday and today with the system i made 120pips. since i joined the room i improved much

keep on
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Thanks to the guys that took the time to post here, both to those who have good or not so good things to say about the system and how is beeing traded in the group.

We will try to post some trades in here in the following days.

PS. take care around news time
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