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re: my journal 2

sexy body
"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."
Thomas A. Edison
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re: my journal 2

travis started this thread Yes, swimming does that to your body. But it is still fat and hurt from a year and a half of leaning on the computer screen.

Also, the colors of that movie are quite nice, despite using that cheap camera which I had bought on ebay.
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re: my journal 2

travis started this thread Still alive, still trading. This is our trading up to last Friday:


Uncle point is on the bottom of that chart, at -5000. If we stay above that, then we're still in the game.

This Monday will be decisive. Last Monday we lost 10k. It's unlikely that it will be a break-even Monday, just as it is unlikely that it will be a break-even week. It will either be very positive or very negative. In one case we get away from danger, and in the other case it will be all over.

By Friday we will know for sure.

I am hoping for the best, but I would be very surprised if the best will happen and we will survive this week.

I can't blame it on any single choice, but, besides having chosen a few systems that didn't deliver (which is not my fault yet, because they're not supposed to deliver immediately, but in the long run), in the last 5 weeks, I have idenfied the real problem as many of our big money makers failing at the same time (highlighted in yellow):


If this had not happened, the drawdown would be within our expectations, because we would be 25k higher. So, the problem was the simultaneous losses by a bunch of excellent systems, which had been allocated more contracts.

Hopefully some happiness will come from trading soon, because today I was really depressed. I don't know what it is, but I ended up talking for an hour to my friends and saying how depressed I feel about my life and how I feel like a failure for not having succeeded at anything in life. No family, no work success, no serenity, nothing. No money either.

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Are you a Spartan now ?

'...Beware a greek bearing gifts as the old saying goes'..'...The Spartans found this to their cost as the walls of Troy were breached and the fortress city over-run...

To some extent you may be in the same position: Ie that to a greater or lesser extent the current systems enabled combo is clearly directly correlated to the fate of the Eur. If the Greeks default, the consensus is that the Eur will probably fall at least in the short run and if this happens your uncle point will probably be reached....Convesely if the Germans agree to Eurobonds and other such robust measures that convince the market that Greece and the rest of the 'PIGS' are definately backed by the rest of the Euro zone and will stay in it ??

Whatever the case, Hope you are enjoying your holiday notwithstanding the thoughts expressed in your post above.

I can stand the despair - it's the hope I can't manage (John Cleese - Clockwork.)
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re: my journal 2

BB agreed.

Travis what strikes me most is the 13k loss on crude - guessing that was sep 5 weekend sharp gap down, you were obviously long.

Originally Posted by travis View Post
I am hoping for the best, but I would be very surprised if the best will happen and we will survive this week.
With more large gap downs on 6E and CL today, I don't see ES being much different.
If you are still in the game, in your shoes I would still pull the plug.
The above quote suggests you think the same.
I can see the reasons for not wanting to to introduce discretionary elements.

These markets are exposing the weakness in this basket, of correlation breaks
and sharp weekend gaps due to more EU indesicion.
I'm not suggesting going flat at the close each day permanently, but in markets like these...

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re: my journal 2

travis started this thread Yes, as I said, I cannot apply that method. We cannot enable and disable systems. The only way to go that we know is automated, and we'll stay automated until we'll recover or reach uncle point.

We're now at only 2700 dollars from uncle point, given that so far today we're down several thousands.

Another video:

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re: my journal 2

travis started this thread Still in the game. Right now 4500 from uncle point. We will probably survive yet another day of trading. Hopefully we will last long enough to see the markets (ES, EUR and correlated markets) turn around, or rather: change their behavior in a way that will benefit my systems. And of course I don't exactly know which way that is. All I know is that if everything is rising, my systems are more likely to make money than if everything is falling, which has been the case lately. But they should be making money in both cases. Yet they're not as likely to make money in both cases.

I am hoping for something which is quite unlikely to happen: that we have hit the bottom and we're coming back up. How likely is it that we will not go any lower than we already have? Hopefully I will get one very profitable trade, which will allow this to happen. Hopefully silver will deliver some of the profit it owes us.

GC_ON_01 is about to deliver some more profit. If it weren't for this GC system, we would have reached uncle point and stopped trading a few days ago. It's the one system that saved me during these last 5 weeks, delivering about 6000 dollars of profit. But the other systems still aren't making any money, so what will happen when this system will stop doing so well? How long more do I have to withstand a simultaneous drawdown by so many of my systems?

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