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This is a discussion on my journal within the Trading Journals forums, part of the Reception category; Originally Posted by dog4 This works for me: There is always another opportunity coming. If you are confident of your ...

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Re: my journal

Originally Posted by dog4 View Post
This works for me:

There is always another opportunity coming. If you are confident of your abilities / systems, you can take the loss knowing you will hit winners shortly. Do not fall out of the game, or else you can't play!
Well say!
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Re: my journal

Hey Travis

I think Be-Positive is not trying to ridicule you or make others laugh at your expense. I think he is just trying to lighten the mood a little bit.

No one wants to laugh at you or watch you fail. Be-positive has offered constructive advice. I think you are a bit angry at the world and with yourself at the moment but this is not our fault as your journal readers. Don't alienate yourself from us too! then where would you go?

You are given your life, but you control it. Take control of it and change it if it is not making you happy.

Do you recall my first posts to you on your thread? I said go out, get away from trading for a while and then the trading will become easier as it is not so important any more. Have you given that any thought or effort? A Trading account is a very dangerous place to vent your frustrations with real money on the line. Especially when you over stretch yourself to the point where you are getting margin calls. Venting your frustrations on a Tennis Court or in a gym would cost less and give you more enjoyment per $ spent. Then you would not get so bored with trading and make rash choices because its one of a few things you do of an evening, not the only thing.

In terms of your trading, As you have heard thousands of times:

Stop losses are king. Set it and forget it. Go out, drink 2 beers, go to sleep before 4 am, do anything, safe in the knowledge that you know what the worst outcome is. It will save you more times than it will cost you. Which, over time relates to an edge that makes profit instead of losses. Stacking the odds in your favour.

OK, i've rambled too much and probably off topic! Hang in there Travis.

take Care

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Re: my journal

Yamato started this thread I can tell you mean good. You write long patient posts, friendly, respectful... I can take your criticism since it's put forward this way.

We cannot say the same about a slimy snake who wishes me a merry christmas in one post and in all other posts he scans my readers for someone with whom to gang up on me and to whom he could be a sidekick, which is probably what he's been doing his whole life. Look at how he talks about me in third person and talks to just about every reader about how supposedly stupid I am: glen, counter, james, dog4... trying to stir some controversy and elicit some reaction. This guy is a slimy coward, and he is not worthy of being defended by you. If you read his 100 posts on trade2win they're all the same short superficial posts full of smilies and stupidity.

Luckily the level of my other readers is quite different, so they haven't accepted to team up with him.

There's a pattern in his 100 posts and it's the same pattern in his 8 posts on my journal: to be superficial and to laugh at someone. I am sorry you can't see that. I know sometimes I am paranoid but this is not one of those times.

I've tried to start a new journal where I don't have to read 8 posts by such despicable people, but so far it seems to have technical problems: no one can post, not just those on my ignore list. Until they solve them, I won't write any more posts, beginning with this one.

I can put up with having any reader, and still keep my sincerity, but as I said I cannot keep that sincerity if I get repeatedly harassed, patronized, ridiculed and belittled by such an idiot. What particularly bothers me is that it's an idiot who's belittling me. If he were an intelligent person, I would take it better. But an intelligent person wouldn't do it in the first place.

I am done with this journal until I get some moderating powers. And even then, I've lost some of my sincerity, because now I feel constantly monitored for weak spots to attack. All thanks to one idiot, whom you are defending.
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Re: my journal

Originally Posted by Black Swan View Post
Join up these words in a legible format; "sleep, won't, any, lose, we..." Next you'll be 'doing a Pippy' and asking for some ad revenue " 'cos you've run up so many inane posts..."
Black Swan; i just think he means some moderation powers over his own journal - Not over the forum... In other words;
Being able to delete posts on his journal he doesn't want.
Being able to disable certain users from posting.

Which is fair enough really ... As he has said he is a perfectionist; so if he wants to present it nicely and its any easy 'right' to give him, i don't see why not.

On a more aggressive note: I've been trying to solve that equation and i've come up with
'Sleep won't lose any we ' - is that right ?
I'm on a boat mother****er.

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Re: my journal

This idiot will not lose any sleep with the above postings
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Re: my journal

Some people like when its hard, since they see the thing as a complicated one, so "it canno't be simple" for them. This would not make sens!

When life is not easy, anything you attemp seems really hard and complicated. That's why I think psychology is soooo important! "You trade like you feel", in some kind.

So, dear Travis, maby you have things to fix outside trading area before attempting to trade.
As it been said, you should maby step away for a little and assure yourself that you are in peace whit what surround you.

In your first post of this thread you say that you don't see why psychology is important. After all this time at "trying to be profitable", I would look this way.

I'm talking half for me, because this is when I started to make money, when I stopped to fight, and started to put myself aside on only trade the dam chart, not my opinion or even worst, my feeling.... and I'm still need to watch me day after day, because ONLY that can cause my failure, not my trading system.

Take care!
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Re: my journal

Thread closed at the OP's request. Subscribers to this thread may be interested in the new journal which travis has started: my journal 2
I'm New To T2W - Where Do I Start? - a must read for anyone new to T2W
I'm New To TRADING Where Do I Start? - a must read for anyone new to TRADING
The Trading Plan Template - a must read for anyone without a proper TRADING PLAN
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