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Yamato started this thread I'll take a while to read your message (probably days). I am sure it's a good one. Right now I am feeling so down that I have temporarily lost the energy necessary for reading.
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Yamato started this thread the key to making money is diversification. when i do discretionary trading, i either get cocky or desperate and then i bet everything on what i am confident about or desperate about and then the problem happens. the system doesn't do that. i always get out of control. no solution...
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Yamato started this thread Ok, so from now on no more talking about trading. The systems will take care of themselves and I'll just come here to write about anything, because the key to making money is not that I psychoanalyze myself but that I "just don't it", the opposite of that famous Nike advertisement. No point in writing pages of analysis if then, when we get down to it, I still keep on doing everything as usual and destroying myself.

I'll try to spend some time here, to divert myself from trading and similar. Then, later, I'll try to stay off the internet altogether. So let's start with some bull****. I don't mean to disrespect this financial forum by not talking about finance, but the first way to be profitable for me (as an automated trader) is stay away from trading. So from now on I'll talk about anything but trading and least of all about "psychology and trading" - which I still think it's useless to discuss, despite the fact that it's not irrelevant.

Besides, being a journal, I am basically discussing by myself, even though I know I have some readers.

So... I am trying hard right now to think of anything other than the stock market. It will sound ridiculous at the start, because I am not used to it.

Ok, so I have this mouse - it's a logitech and I think it's very good. I think Logitech is a good company. Congratulations to Logitech.

My colleague just came back from lunch. He'll turn the radio on pretty soon. Pretty bad music, too.

I like swimming. One day I'd like to go live by the sea.

Talking about psychology and trading is not going to make you a profitable trader. I want everyone to know that.

Talking about trading on forums will not make you a profitable trader either. Thinking and doing yes. But not talking about it.

Anyway, enough of talking about it then. That was my last sentence about trading (except if someone asks me questions).

I like water. I like the bath tub. But the sea is better. I don't like jellyfish. The good thing about the bath tub is that it doesn't have any.

I am going to take off from work at 15.30. In about 2 hours. I am sad. I am so excited for the weekend. Not! I will do nothing.

Good - I got what I deserved.

This is all "brainstorming" as they call it.

Good. Somehow he didn't turn his radio on, yet.

Overall, I am pretty liked here. By my colleagues. But also: they leave me alone. I never say hi. Some complain about this. I pretend that the reason is that I am shy, but it's because I don't like to say a lot of "hi" just in order to cross the hallway and go to the bathroom. It's such a waste of time. And I dread being asked "how are you" and then they don't even want to hear anything but "fine".

Now some brainstorming of just words that come to my mind:
swear words
gravity force
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too bad you don't like jellyfish. one of the best days of my life was jellyfish wars, on 2 boat surrounded by jellyfish on a school outing.object was for somesone to get stung so we could laugh when they poor pee on them. hahhahaha (went a boy school) game was stopped though after we all sacrificed to bee in a bottle, what a waste. ahhhh the good old days.
Sorry, I don't have any pearls of wisdom for you.
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You sound far too depressed Travis; isn't there anything you could do that would be exciting? Just like go travelling and doss about for a while after a bit of system trading... Or whatever you enjoy doing; I've always thought that society's life was a bit boring, all saving money to work and then going home to a small plot of land to watch TV - Do something cool mate Go save some prostitutes in India.
I'm on a boat mother****er.

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Yamato started this thread As I was reading your suggestions, I misread many words, which could indicate more to the fact that I was too obsessed with trading:

travelling = trading
doss = loss
plot = pot

The only thing I didn't misread was "prostitutes", and on this one we agree. The first reason I am trying to make money is to give it to prostitutes. Besides, Travis in Taxi Driver had the mission to save prostitutes, so I may follow in his footsteps after all.

From now on, let's keep it like this in here, and talk about anything but trading.
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Yeah; Just avoid the murder rampage... Its annoying when all i hear on the English BBC is about muders in America.
I'm on a boat mother****er.

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Good journal. I enjoy stories about people achieving success, and there's a real sense that you're on the cusp of it here. After all, money is already pouring through the door from your bots. Everything is in place except for the final piece, which is to limit this compulsion to trade/gamble.

If I may make an observation... The discretionary trading and delaying going to bed might share a common cause - craving mental stimulation. Hope you've got something interesting to keep you occupied while you go cold turkey.

Best of luck.
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