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This is a discussion on Smart Technology Inc within the First Steps forums, part of the Reception category; Originally Posted by 4now Has anyone heard anything new about Smart Tech? I have looked around the net trying to ...

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Originally Posted by 4now View Post
Has anyone heard anything new about Smart Tech? I have looked around the net trying to find any new information about them and whether they have floated yet.
Does anyone have any further information since the last postings on here?
I would really appreciate any information

Many thanks
If you look through this thread you'll find the website address of the SEC. The Smart Technology listing there will show you the current, and expected, stati of the company. I haven't looked lately, but there are several comments in the trend of 'We do not expect to make any money soon, if ever'.

The 'company' that tried to sell me shares in Smart Tech, Wellington Duke and Associates, has been listed by the FSA as a scam. I presume that any so-called advisory group doing the same is also a scam. They may consider buying the shares back at a loss (to you), but I sincerely doubt it. Where did your money go? If you enter the receiving account holder's name into a search engine, there's a good chance you'll be referred to this forum thread. That's how I got here, just before I was about to buy the shares. I was lucky!

Short of a miraculous float of Smart Tech., I can't imagine any way of tracing your funds and getting them back. I hope I'm wrong. Good Luck.

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Originally Posted by brucy555 View Post
Just to be sure...apparently there's another company with a similar name Smart Technologies Inc. This forum is about Smart Technology Inc and not the latter!
Smart Technologies was the original name the company was registered as, at the SEC. It was changed sometime later. The last entry in the SEC listing for Smart Tech. was registered on 25 October 2007, and was a Request for Registration Withdrawal. So Smart Tech is no longer registered with the SEC. Irisio seems to be the new owner of Smart Tech, or is it the other way round?

It's all very complicated and, well, smelly
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Smart Technology Inc

I have made several attempts to make contact with the company officials but it was always the same...the company will be listed soon! The problem is that the company is not willing to share its annual accounts with its shareholders as it says that being a private company it is not obliged to file these. As far as I know most countries in Europe oblige companies registered in their jurisdiction to file annual accounts, even if these are in abridged format. Had this been the case, at least one would be in a position to assess the financial position of the company. The key issue prior to seeking recovery of funds and/or compensation is the financial strength of the company who will pay. If fraud is proven, which is not an easy task in this case I presume, the directors of the company may be liable....but then would they leave their personal funds easily traceable!

A person who I am thinking that may help is Dr Paul Morjanoff. I suggest you contact him. I know he is involved, on behalf of victims, in the recovery of funds in relation to other big boiler room scams. You will not be obliged to pay an upfront fee but obviously his commission rate would be higher if there is a recovery of funds. He may be contacted at and see what he tells you.

Originally Posted by 4now View Post
Thank you for your response, yes it is the same company. I have read all the posts on this site and on I was wondering whether anyone had any update yet.

My mum was approached by Birchfield Consultants and they wanted her first to buy ATI petroleum shares, but she ended up not doing it. They then contacted her again few months later harrassing her to buy Smart Technology Inc shares as they were about to float on market. Same as you and other people, not heard anything since apart from certificates in mail, but were not in the names she asked them to be in and it had restricted stock written on them.
She invested $95,000. Called the French office and US offices..only ever one person answers the phones and all they say is, it is going to float any day now and nothing more. Jean Michel Gal always seems to be away in another country same with the other directors etc.

I would like to know if anyone has actually done anything yet to either get their money back or at least legally investigate.
All I can see so far is people saying they have brought shares but haven't seen what they have done since. Everything seems to be looking like a scam so far, which is worrying for my mum.
Have you found out anything since you brought the shares back in 2001?
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Originally Posted by smartboy View Post
I have bought more than 20,000 shares . I got the certificates also .

When you buy the shares , you will get your certificate within 2 weeks via UPS mail service .
I bought 1000 shares and had to wait for 3 months before they arrived after 4 phone calls to Zurich. I wanted to sell on the most recent launch, which for the fourth time was postponed but was told in the meantime to return my certificate to Zurich
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I too was offered shares in ATI, i did not invest
However ATI petroleum has launched onto the Euro Next, THE LINK IS BELOW:
Euronext - ATI PETROLEUM : Share price Stock price Quotes information

This company did delist however there was a huge gain if you got out at the right time

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latest news :

I called the French branch , someone answer the phone . After sometime in talking , he told me that the company may go public in euronext by the end of year 2008 . This is what I know .

By the way : Why do not we hire a famous laywer in U.S to sue the company and the fu/cker guys there like Jean M Gal .

I think if we stay together with one laywer , this will cost each one of us a few money and it may make the process goes faster .
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Hi again,

To those that have contacted me thank you. I will be contacting you shortly.

We have set up an email address for anyone who wants to get in touch with us and share information.
We are getting as many victims as possible all together and hopefully with our shared info and new information we can do something. We have managed to obtain a lot of information already, but we need as much information as we can, and as far back as possible.
There are certain agencies that are also involved, not only in the UK, so maybe finally these scammers will be caught.

So anyone who has bought shares with Smart Tech, Irisio, connections with Mr Gal and associates, please contact us at:

There is also connections to ATI and Nevada Gold, and any other company that these people have been involved with.
Regardless of which country you are from, please contact us.

Many thanks
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If anyone didn't know, the latest brokers that are selling Irisio shares are Eurozone. They have a London telephone number.

If you have been contacted by them, do not invest.

They are telling new victims that they are floating in July 2008. Always the case.
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