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Nervous, sorry to hear about your problems. I wouldn't try tracking them down unless you're going to hurt them, they are generally pretty nasty people.

What I would do though is go after their bankers, contact them and say you're getting the police and some laywers involved because they as they act as the criminals bankers are also part of the scam.

The banks are the weak spots, go for them and good luck
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Need to do more research when offered an IPO

I am an investor in the Smart Technology Inc company and believe that this is a sound company with a real future. They are about to float on the AMEX and I am sad that those that were approached did not invest in it. There misfortune on not doing their research properly.
SmartTech is big in Europe and has only just moved into America although they have always been an American Company they purchased a French company and expanded through them. They are now starting to make inroads into the US with some large contracts. They are due to float on the 12th December. There Ticker is STXE.PK
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[QUOTE=Nervous111]I am another investor in Mew Millenium Medical. I was recruited by Kensington Price Consulting also at 14 Rue de Rhone in Geneva. Salesman was Ed Kelly. Has anybody else dealt with Ed Kelly ? I also have apparently genuine share certificate.[/QUOTE=]
I also invested in NMM, and have only just found out through this website that it is a scam.Truly gutted and very angry.
I dealt with Ed Kelly at KPC and also Graham Robertson. I have received a four page glossy brochure and share certificates. Have also had emails from Denesle Valentine, with updates on NMM - still cant believe its all lies.
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Hmmmmm, I am going to get 'Boiler Room' from Blockbusters and look up 'ramping' in the dictionary.

I am pretty sure I will find Surveyor1 and theweb4u's pics above the 'ramping' entry.

AFAIK it is illegal to sell shares and IPO's via cold calling to UK numbers even from outside the UK so use that as your guideline.

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'About' is a word you'll always hear with these companies.

They're 'about' to float

They're 'about' to get big contracts

They're 'about' to turn in massive profits

etc etc etc

Sorry for those that have invested, just learn from your mistakes which we all make. But for those of you who have read this thread then take it from me, you're 'about' to get scammed and lose all of your money.
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New site What do you think?
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Quote -

"This influences directly on the IPO date, which we have voluntarily decided to delay."

Oh, there's a surprise who would have thought that.
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Following on from my ealier posts regarding TITANvcZurich I am pleased to report that I have now recovered the remainder of my original "investment" which was the money I had sent to the account of Fairfax Universal Limited with the JYSKE Bank in Gibraltar. My intermediary for this continued to be David Williams who was originally the Compliance Director for TITAN, with all communications being by email.

I had asked for my account to be liquidated on 7th July 2005 so it took exactly six months to recover the money and in fairness to David Williams he always said I would get it all back. Of course I did not get the profits I had made and I obviously lost my banking fees but I have to count myself lucky to achieve the result that I did. The two banks (Citibank in Singapore and JYSKE Bank in Gibraltar)acted very corectly and certainly protected my interests. All I was asked to do was provide written assurances that I would take no further action against the banks or their customers.

I do not know the background to any of this outcome or where the TITAN people actually are (but certainly not in Zurich)but I believe Fairfax is in Barcelona. I still do not know why TITAN were prepared to give me my money back

On a more positive note, this unfortunate episode did bring this company Quantum to my attention and so I becaqme a Quantum watcher. This is a genuine company but with a very volatile stock price. With TITAN I supposedly bought at $3.98 and sold at $4.70 but since then it has been through at least two dramatic cycles. In December I invested "for real" at $2.95 and sold at $4.35 making sufficient profit to pay for all the costs of recovering my money from TITAN.

I would like to think that I am now a smarter person than what I was but it has been a very stressful experience. I would be interested to know if any other TITAN "victims" have recovered their money.

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