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Whilst browsing the web, i came across www.zealllc.com on their site you can subscibe to the zeal speculator for $200 per 3 month contract. Now bearing in mind that i am very new to this game,and need all the help and tips possible.Could anybody comment on this site,and let me know if its worth me investing my money in.
thanks Alan


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If you're new to the game, then the very last thing you actually need is to be influenced by 'tips'. They may get you into a trade, but they're never there sitting on your shoulder when you don't know whether to stay in or jump ship, especially when you are facing a large loss.

Of course, you could always just work your way through all the tipping services spending $200 here, £1,000 there, etc. However, I'd guarantee that a year down the line you'd be broke, disillusioned, despondent, and angry and aggressive towards anyone who said "told you so".

So why don't you start on the long road of learning to trade yourself, and walk down it one step at a time at your own pace? It's enjoyable and fun, and you'll learn so much.

Trading can't be learnt overnight, and learning to understand and overcome your internal emotions can take a very long time. But at the end you'll be so glad you did it your way, and not someone else's way.

Everyone thinks that trading is just a simple money-making machine - press the button and wads of dosh come out the other end like sausages out of a sausage machine. Tipping services and their ilk will make you believe it's possible. But it's not possible, so save your money and invest it in your own trading education.

Just remember that newbies concern themselves with how much money they can make; old pros concern themselves with how much they can lose. If you remember that, you're well down the trading road.


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Thanks for the advice, i have kept my money in my pocket and have taken the first steps to learning to trade myself


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I agree with Shimbleshanks. However, I do subscibe to Zeals monthly newsletter (I think its about $60 per annum but not sure). I have found his ideas on trading precious mines and metals to be very good (over the last year anyway). He seems to be a perma stockbear and got caught out on the stock rally over the last year with put options, but his entry points (and exit which is just as important) on mining shares and metals has been very good. Its worth reading alot of his weekly essays that he publishes on his site (going back a few years) as he covers some interesting topics. I am not tempted to subscibe to his other services but I personally like his monthly newsletter.



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I agree with your Peter, I've subscribed to Zeal's monthly in the past and found it a good read with some good ideas/shares.

But I don't think I'd go for his speculator report
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