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could be all sorts of things - profits made by zak in trading ( but i will bet the house that he does not trade), profits made by zak from his service, direct profits made by following zaks advice, or the support that people feel zak gives them - sure there are more than this - just wondered what the poster's exact definition was?


I had a subscription to Zaks TA. I found it useful to get a 2nd (3rd, 4th !) opinion on the markets.

Not sure he gives exact Buy this/Sell that type calls. It is more about information, charts and pointing you in the right direction. I think I only paid £99 for a year so at that price it is worth it for beginners - you get a fair amount of daily info from him.

He doesn't trade and says so.


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he's been on television - seems a nice enough guy - but if he dont trade - whats the point of his opinion?

i really dont mean this in a bad way - just cant get my head round why anyone would see value in zaks opinion if zak doesnt trade himself


So are you saying that the England football team should ignore Sven Goran Eriksson? You don't need to be a great player to be a great teacher.


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i have been down this route a few times !!!

there is no connection between football and this idea of training in trading

which football internet site might i find sven on, offering me a days course to be a world class footballer for a few quid - you find it - i will be on his next course

i have no issue with the fact that someone might be able to train someone to be a trader - but the person doing the training would be a real trader - trading themselves - day in - day out - and they would be offering the training to someone who was going to trade on their behalf and that would mean day in day out training for months and then support of maybe a year or so

trading is simply about winning or losing - there is no middle ground
As a beginner, I was interested in getting another regular perspective from someone who knew what s/he was talking about (?!).

I've also been looking at onewaybet... am I looking in the right places, or should I just use this site more diligently?

All guidance gratefully received!


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I won a free subscribtion to Zaks-ta and I find it okay, the information is fairly useful, although I wouldnt use it as a sole tool for making a decision.


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Onewaybet, I considered subscribing to this as it is not very expensive, my main issue with it is that its sister site is twowaybet which offers a spreadbetting service. Personally I find it a bit of a conflict of interest having a spreadbetting company offering advice under a different name.

Also another thing I have found is that one area can tell you to go short i.e. Goodfella on Amvescamp and then the daily tips will be telling you to go long??

Out of all the things on the site the Goodfella section seems to be the best and this bit isnt delayed so you dont need to pay to get it.


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onewaybet etc.

Just read this post - been watching the rugby (in which NZ were hopeless). I subscribe to the twowaytrade daily reports and make money with them. thats it for me - pure and simple. as usual a people criticise something without ever looking at it (a very British thing to do - and as a Kiwi I can tell you it is). twowaytrade isn't a spread betting company - they are a cfd company. they had the decency to phone me whilst I was overseas to sort out an email problem i had. Anyway I don't want to defend them or destroy them. they give a free months trial of the newsletters - what can be fairer than that?


Hi I'm sort of new around here.I have a Zaks-TA membership.I use it mainly to obtain an another individuals views on charting, and various UK stocks that I may not pay much attention to. He admits that he does not elliot wave etc but uses automated analysis from ? e- signal.
From what I see he tends to work using trend lines / breaking off together with support resistance, rather than elliot fibonachi etc.

He did point out some interesting charts on stocks such as regus etc

I also have a subscription to oneway some one mentioned Goodfella report seems quite good -He called persimmon very well.


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I have not tried his service. But to answer Steves question with my opinion:

Maybe to trust ZAKs decision even though he doesnt trade is interesting, his opinion may be worth a look as there is no of little `emotion' involved with his decisions.

If you were placing a trade on decisions that you were also giving advice on, you would WANT IT to be right... and possibly over colour the situation. We traders can fall into this trap. We see a bad signal amongst some good, so we pretend we never saw the bad signals and keep hunting for the good optimistic signals.


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i do not think that he trades, just like so many gurus like zak Mir, sandy Jadeja, etc etc. but they have a service to offer, which could be good for a newbie.

Secker? does he offer alerts service? or money management?
what about Tom Hougard? I have been to his live alert service, and not that impressed!

One thing is 90% of "gurus" do not trade, else they would offer alert service
or they would be a money manager, but to my knowledge none of them are money managers.
i am not a money manager, but trade forex for few of my friends, and consistently make on average 5% per month for them, using very low leverage. I also get a pip rebate.

Just trading for 10 friends, easily earns me on average £5K per month from pip rebate and profit share. And I am not a "guru"
So basically in short, 99% of gurus DO NOT trade, but yes they have a value to offer to a newbie
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