You are NOT trading.


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SBing is called SBing because it's a bet, not a trade, because the SB prices are only indicitive. You are not exchanging contracts with anybody!

But if you don't understand how the markets work, both DMA and SB, are about as much use as t*ts on a snake.

kinda thought we were just gonna put this one to bed, so ill say it once more ---


only one fact matters here, besides the profit, and thats with the laws in the UK --- if you make 30 million pounds a year, you still cant go to a bank and get a mortgage cause youre a "gambler" and not viably employed.

of course, make that much and just buy the silly house !

in the states, sb's are called "brokers" and you pay taxes on your profits, which you can offset with your losses and any other business expenses.

Direct access is readily available, and as i understand it, much cheaper for entry than you peeps !

semantics and legal definition make spread betting "gambling", and the NO taxes thingie is WONDERFUL, but of WHAT real discussion is it --- the MONEY is the reward, and one can get it in either manner !



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Neither forex platforms including ECN ; its not trading .

Lets say u have ECN account in us$ and u bought! NZD/$ could u withdraw your money in NZD$ ? no u cant , u can withdraw only in us$ ! even u bought NZD$ ! . And if u want to withdraw all your money u should close ! all ur positions b4 u withdraw all your money .This is not trading , it is not real , this is betting .


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Betting / trading...... dont really care.....only interested in making money and as a day trading scalper if is far easier in my experience to make my pips with direct or ECN access than it is with some intermediary quoting me his spread and his current market price which is a further 2-3 pips behing the real market price.
Just my experience.......I prefer a level playing field and paying a commission. When I see "spread "rather than commision i think "another bandit screwing the little guy out of his pips"

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