Yep Ban logwol

Yes options the A Hole was posting early this morning ,lets hope that the administrators can sort it out
What I dont understand is why this tosser thinks that anyone will be remotely interested in what they are peddling because on T2W as soon as you get this everyone just switches off.

I've deleted all his threads and posts (all 15 of them), and he'll be banned.

And thank you to everyone who hit the 'report this post to a moderator' button too!
This user has now been banned from the site. Had I not been away for a few days to get back this afternoon, I'd have banned him a lot sooner. Mods will soon have the ability to ban users themsleves which should help us to better manage these sorts of incidents. Thanks to everyone who reported the posts and skim for deleting all 15 posts!
"Yep Ban logwol"
I thought that was a Mongolian delicacy made from stewing yak testicles over an open fire for 12 hours in a lightly flavoured sauce of communal excrement.
Pity we can't invite him to such a feast.
Apologies, I should have explained. I am fluent in Mongolian tribal language and 'something' always gets lost in the translation. There is a general consensus of opinion that yak testicles are always used. This is not so. The word 'yak' was substituted for the last word in that sentence for the benefit of a visiting missionary, somewhere around the late 1820's I believe. The last word always relates to the item being roasted over the open fire for 12 hours. So in this case the 'Logwol' would be roasted over the open fire. (Alive of course to preserve the juices).
You are perfectly correct on the flavoured sauce.
But the next bit gets lost in the translation again. It is not a feast for everyone, but a feast for the, (in this case) logwol.
Then the 'logwol' is placed in the pen of the yaks and his presence on this mortal plane slowly vanishes over a couple of days. (Dependant of course on how hungry the yaks are.)

I hope this has cleared up any common misconceptions.

I wish you all a very good gozquintent.
Mr Options Sir

Your skills and talents never cease to amaze me.
Although please don't be offended if I turn down a dinner invitation in the future :cheesy:
Ah.. "sauce of communal excrement". Sounds like a very bad day when the trend hasn't worked out for day traders!
And there I was wondering how on earth Mr Charts manages to get hold of yak testicles in Weybridge. Waitrose in Sunningdale definitely don't stock them. :D
Gentlemen and lady ;-)))

Our youngest daughter works for Waitrose in Weybridge when she's home from Uni and they have special staff only treats, including yak testicles suspended in guava jelly, at tea time with a glass of body temperature Lapsong Souchong.
However, Marks and Sparks have just opened a small, but terribly exclusive emporium, in one's High Street and have produced a ready repast of genuine yep ban logwol for two which only requires two hours in the microwave and advise a bottle of finest Bulls Blood to bring out the uniquely delicate flavours for which the dish is renowned from the Steppes to the Yalu River.
Indeed, texture-wise it is firm, but flexible, and is only matched by offshoreman eye balls, skewered with baby red capsicums and bhindi bhaji accompanied by sour dough balls. But that's from my multi-ethnic fusion cook book.
That's one of the things we all love about you, Skim, your speed and style of execution. Angelina Jolie, move over, you're history.