www.stocksentry.com - opinions?


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just wondering if there are any opinions of Home | StockSentry

full disclosure: i work for the website. we're new and so i'm humbly looking to see if there are any opinions out there. thanks in advance :)
the only mention of your site @ t2w is the links you've posted. on another forum you mention it is a new site? however on closer look your site appears much older, what did it used to sell?

your home page has register links everywhere. so that's as far as i looked.


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Lightning McQueen, thanks for your post. In response to your question, we went online just over a week ago and we've never sold anything else. Thanks again for replying to the thread :)
only up and running a week, well good luck with it :)

did you realise the site you aquired is an old software entity from the dotcom bubble era, c1998 pager technology and the latest in Handheld Portfolio Management and all that. a bit historical :D at least you didn't try make out you been going since 98 like some of the chancers seen prowling the boards.

they obviously since gone belly up and stocksentry been parked at godaddy for years spamming penny stocks links. nice!



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ha, neat - i didn't know that the domain used to belong to an old software company. we did buy the domain from a godaddy auction last summer.

to be honest, i don't know much about website development. i specialize in computational statistics and so i'm involved more with the product than the website.

anyways, thanks for wishing us good luck :) same to you with your trading!
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