www.markettext.com ....anyone used it or Goldline please?


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I am looking for a trading system that will provide mw with buy and sell targets for indices. I have used 5D in the past and have visited goldline to see their system. Both are quite good but expensive. I have looked at markettext.com who email and text buy and sell targets....their system seems cheap enough. Any thoughts appreciated. ta


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giving you the benefit of the doubt, i shall reply..

have a look through the threads on this board such as


basically, dont touch goldline with a gold barge-pole.

i cant comment on markettext, but as with most "tip sites" they are bound to be next to useless..

if you want to learn buy and sell signals, please read through the many posts on this site and teach yourself. it is the best way..

one site i do recommend though is www.signalwatch.com

not for the buy/sell points, but for the method on how he works them out.

over and out



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Isn't it about time that we have someone 'pop up' and sing the praises of these 2 systems.

I'm waiting...............


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"Isn't it about time that we have someone 'pop up' and sing the praises of these 2 systems.".......

Both superb systems, approx 105% success rate and thoroughly back-tested over 250 years.

I started with them a year ago with £150 margin and am now a multi-billionaire! Trading records to prove it - (p.m. me and I'll scan in the back of the envelope I use).

Obviously I have no connection with these companies, but feel free to send me a cheque for £2K and I'll be pleased to negotiate a special deal on your behalf......


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I have been following signalwatch for a long time. Yes, it's interesting BUT look at the track record. The track record given on the website is very impressive, but note how out of date it is. Reason being that it has had extended losing runs since the period given. I still like the site and would recommend it - but note the health/wealth warning.


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Thought it time I returned to this board and gave an update on the above site.....I decided to take advice from various folk and not touch Goldline.....but....i thought for a fifty quid shot I'd have a month of markettext.com.

I am now just beginning my third week and following their system to the letter and using their email and SMS alerts i have netted 136 points in the last 2 weeks. I have traded every day for the last 11 days......seems verg good.....in fact, the best 'tip' sheet I've used.....anyone else using it please and if so for how long and with what results?


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It does seem a bit similar to Chinese numbers. If so, the numbers will be easy to calculate for free and the subscription fee is a waste of money. Chinese numbers just used pivot points and added or subtracted a fixed number. Anyone subscribing to this should look at the numbers and compare them to pivot points to make sure they are not falling for the same trick.

See if the numbers are a fixed difference from First resistance and First support levels.


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