Winners Prizes


What happened to the winners prizes of years past? I'm only asking because I'm still due a t-shirt :)

...I have to clothe myself you know!
Hiya Mid,

Those t-shirts ran out some time ago, and I've been meaning to get round to printing some more with the new logo - it'll be a big order this time so all competition winners will get one - even last years winner! In the meantime I've got a new competition prize for the Dow Competition, and a gold medal for the winners to display proudly next to their username. So stay tuned!
Seem to remember I won once last year ( August ), with some help of AV out of hours limit covering :cheesy:
That was in the days before the monthly winners round up at the end of the comp. Still waiting for my Tee Shirt :LOL:
BTW Nice touch with the new instant charts on the competition folio :D
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I'm impressed by your ability to make money off the market Luke.

Is it sheer luck or a good knowledge of the market?

Shouldn't you give up your day job to do this? (With real money, naturally)
Hi Mid, Thanks for the compliment :)

This month it was mainly luck and timing with YOO, but planned with JKX. ( have a look at the chart ).
I hold JKX in the real world also.

I can't rely on luck in the real trading world, so I'll be doing my 9-5 for a while longer.
If I recall correctly Luke, you were up among the frontrunners for most of last month too.

Combined with your present ranking, and having won the competition at least once before, it does sound like a little more than just luck. Must be some skill there methinks.

But there is a saying (which I remind myself of whenever I miss the boat!)...

<b>"Luck favours the prepared."</b>
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Bombed out!

With my rather poor current portfolio, perhaps I should start sending Sharky t-shirts!
Have i won level 2 and a tee shirt? Or is it for the whole year? If i have won how do i claim the prize? Just in case you are curious,if i have won,it was pure luck,i no not what i am doing must of the time.BE LUCKY.
Hi One Day

Congrats man! It's a great feeling to win, even if you've done it by sheer fluke. Very satisfying indeed and the adrenaline rush is great.

I think your win gets you a months subscription to a financials site.

You wait patiently ;o)

Some of us are still sitting, "cold, naked and scared" infront of our monitors for the postman to deliver our t-shirts so we can live merely scared.
one day, you should have received my PM. Have a quick look, and we can hopefully set up the subscription for early next week.