Why you shouldn't demo trade


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That's quite true Kaeso. However, I don't see how it fits into the average sort/intermediate trader. :confused:
its off topic r.e. demo, i was just replying to what toast said. i dont know what the original reason for talking about supply/demand was


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fear and greed are the main enemies of any trader. Only those who have learnt to control these feelings can succeed in forex. But frankly speaking, this is not as simple as it seems.


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Demo is good to learn the platform

Demo is ok, but I see far too many people who stay on it for far too long. Nothing like the real deal.
Would have to agree from experience I demo trading too long, and in the long run it really dampen my trading until I just quit demo trading then I was better off. Demo trading is only good to learn the platform not to try to see it you can make profit; because when it's cash on the line either you know it, or you don't. Trading is forever learning


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I totally disagree with the theory that demo trading is a waste of time or priceless. Demo trading is the opening bell for the new comers to gain some basic practices about the market. It has some drawbacks for sure but you have to overcome them in order to trade live account with the probability of long stay.


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There's too much sadness in your message, and I want to tell you you're not the only one. We each find ourselves in a situation where everything seems to be going against you. But these obstacles can be overcome, the main thing is that you do not stop and understand that these difficulties are temporary. It is clear that our sphere is full of risks as any other business, but we should try to prepare ourselves for the fact that everything may go against plan. It is not your fault or the market, it is the peculiarities of the sphere. That is why we calculate the risks and constantly analyze the situation. We can not hope that everything will turn out by itself. Do not be nervous, everything will be okay, if you are in this business, then it should be.


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I think that you look at things too pessimistic, because of course every trader has certain losses, every person has his or her own difficulties in the market, everyone can have certain problems that we work with and constantly face, and it is normal. As normal as the fact that we do not give up and do not risk all our money, I do not understand what the point is. According to your logic, everyone has to lose everything as soon as possible in order to leave the market immediately, what progress and development can we talk about then? It seems to me that you're just tired or under some kind of stress and just trying to express it from the outside. For you, it can also become something negative, you shouldn't be so self-confident and give questionable recommendations, especially since it can throw off the right path of beginning traders, you shouldn't demotivate people like that.


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Something tells me that in this way you want to sow a certain amount of doubt among traders, because your opinion gives the impression that trading and forex is something that is created for the chosen ones and all unworthy ones should just leave. Why do you think that you have the right to make such statements? I think that every person can achieve certain results in trading. Of course, there are certain differences. Some people do it better and faster, some people achieve only small results, some people really stay with nothing. But can you say that if you fail, you should give up everything? If everyone reasoned in this format, we would have no successful traders or successful businessmen in any other direction. I do not think that you can achieve a great result.


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fear and greed are the main enemies of any trader. Only those who have learnt to control these feelings can succeed in forex. But frankly speaking, this is not as simple as it seems.
That's totally correct, easy said than done. Emotions are really tough to handle, those who master them are already half way through their profit making journey.
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