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Last week this web site alerted you to the potential of VRSN on the Nasdaq.At the weekend we explained how these so called Sunday Newspaper daytraders havent a clue.

On Monday we did a proper diary of a daytrader explaining views,entry points,feelings and the trades.

All week we alerted you day by day about playing one stock and getting to know it well, understanding its retracement levels etc,explaining how and why intraday swing plays were taken.

We alerted you in ADVANCE to the fact there was strong resistance on the Nasdaq composite at 1500.We told you this would lead to a strong break out or breakdown.Not to have any feeling about which way it would go but play the moves.

We took consisidered intraday swing moves in VRSN and a made a total of 26% in four days.More than any Sunday newspaper daytrader has ever made in a week.

Now the final piece of advice. Trading is about looking for potentialy important moves and putting the odds on your side.After a winning streak when you think you can walk on water this is the time when the market can bite you back and steal some of your profits.This will hurt you mentaly and can affect your trading judgement.If you look at VRSN it could play any way today.After its traded we could look at it and say oh yes i can see why it did that.

In all honesty it could wiggle and jiggle you and waste your profits all day while it makes up its mind what to do.

If you dont have the odds on your side step away,take the day off.Trading is not the be all and end all of your life.Take time out and enjoy your family ,spend some of your profits and come back refreshed and positive ready for another day.

Good luck
Keep it up Naz

Have to say your posts are a bit of a winner as well Naz thanks for shareing your knowledge with us

Thanks for the kind words Rob.

One final word on the trading this week.Get to know your stock feel its movement on the level 2 screen and through this you will know when to step aside and bank your profits,and when to take the day off and not trade it.The call made in this post BEFORE the markets opened was spot on.VRSN moved side ways couldnt find a direction and you would have squandered some of your profits on chasing moonbeams.So the week ended up 26% every single move was thought out and not a shot in the dark.Todays call was sublime.Thats how day trading should be done and this web site showed you how to do it.
Daytraders from 28th Sep have been given margin of 4 times their account size.It is normal to deal when you start in 100 share lots building up to 1000 shares at a time when youre proficient.You dont need to be a mathematican to work out how much 26% profit on VRSN is when youre trading 1000 shares a time.
Good Game! Good Game! Lets see what the points add up to...and what do points make? POINTS MAKE PRIZES...Let me see now ..da de da de da der der der that's a grand total of £8 K profit.:D

That's stunning by any standards.

Oh, and by the way, if that is at 4:1 margin, it's over 100% return on capital.Why do I feel sick? :)
Hi Naz, I have just joined trade2win and this is my first post. I am really interested in DAYTRADING since I read a book called Electronic Daytrading to win by Bob Baird and Craig M c Burney and for all the reasons you give in your posts. I study the Elliott theory but was thinking in getting a software package from www.tradingtech.com called tradefinder an offshoot of advancedget, for what I can make of this is that this software identifies 3rd wave moves long or short in a dailly list of stocks and takes all the hard work away ? you do not need live feed action for this system, which would suit me as I do not have ADSL connection, have you heard of this software or do you have any suggestions on similar, and would I need ADSL for level 2 feed. Thanks any info would be helpfull. I am also looking for an account in the U.S. that would let me play in the same game as the MM's i.e. buy the bid sell the ask.
Hi Smtm99

I suppose i knew that people would start asking for advice after i posted a few threads, i just realy wanted to let the Uk know that there are loads of us out there in the UK trading the Nasdaq,we all do it with our own style. However the the ones that can read their stock are the guys that realy know level 2.I saw advanced get on a demo for 2 hours once and it looked reasonable but not for me.However the guys that are the superstars that i've met and worked with are the US level 2 traders.

To start this type of trading you realy need to spend a day with a Nasdaq trader,to do a coaching course like the ones that i run. This will save you mega amounts of time and money barking up the wrong tree and give you a personal mentor to e-mail your questions as you progress.E-mail me at [email protected] if you want to take this further.

Hi Naz, There are two of us that play at it at the moment, I will be in touch after I discuss this with him , this would be ideal for me as I am 50yrs old and semi-retired with Quite a lot of time on my hands, he on the other hand is 28 and has a good career, but if he thought he could make it as a trader he would go that route, the only thing that is stoping us at present is the lack of high speed internet access we live off the main line so to speak and there would be no point in trying the job without a complete tool kit but we will e-mail you in due course to discuss what you have to offer. Thanks for now.
Hi Smtm99

The great thing about Naz trading in the UK is that there is a style of trading to suit everyone.I used to think that everyone needed adsl,but i have a back up system on a 56k modem and it works fine.I worked with a trader that moved into the country miles from anywhere,where he can only use the 56kmodem.He developed a style that is so cool that it earns 3-4k/week.Age is no barrier either, i'm 49.
The way i look at it.I've learnt this skill so i can that i can trade it anywhere for the rest of my days.I can pick it up and put it down any time i want to.
Hi Naz, All sounds good I spoke to my buddy this morning on the phone and outlined this to him we will have a chat tonight and then mail you for further discussion Thanks Again.