Why is Volatility so low?


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Can anyone give me a few reasons why volatility has been so low in the Equity markets for the last 12 months, considering the potential for serious crises in Europe and the USA?

Is everyone sitting on their hands? It's the lowest level of volatility I have seen in 30 years.


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did n't think it had been that low?

but statistically the markets finish higher during US election yrs (for the past 40yrs)
(if only i knew this fact, this time last yr)
there are some goods stats and studys to back this up - just google

also the Euro hit major support in June just as everyone said the Euro would collapse
so obviously Euro up and the dollar down / equities up etc etc....

2013 may not be the same though - especially as some have got used to the free ride and upward markets
and the ponzi scheme, that is the stock market - would collapse itself if it did nt take back and replenish the house's pot
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