Why Is The Obvious Not So Obvious?

Aug 26, 2015
The human nature

Human emotions are prone to be influenced by the external environment. It is easy to write a number of rules for your trading decisions but following them up in a situation where the market is against you, is extremely difficult. You may actually lose a sight of the actual vision. If you can control your emotions, your performance will improve to a great extent.
Financial instrument's volatility is more of a speculation than the real change in intrinsic value. The emotions linked with a news is quickly reflected or discounted in the price of different asset classes.
All the best for your trades ahead!
No doubt the title will have some thinking:)

As can be seen from the number of posts in this section of the site, it is "obvious" that the majority of those who are seeking knowledge in relation to making money trading, have not done any solid ground work prior to starting.

If you were to build a house, would you put in 6 inches of concrete for the foundation?

I could make a list, but I will not bother, as I try to keep things simple and short.

So, why is it that the majority of people do not take very seriously the mental aspects (psychology) of trading, as it is by far the most important aspect.

What does the "psychology" of trading mean to you, and if you go off and search the internet for an answer, then the only person you are fooling is yourself.

You must speak exactly what comes out of your mind, and not use words of others.

Sep 8, 2015
Writing rules is one thing, but following them is clearly another story. Emotions are in human nature, they make us humans and it's very difficult to give up them.