Why I remain short ahead of the weekend


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On my article on Greenspan I mentioned I was short the Dow (unfortunately for a smaller than average amount). I have closed amarginal part of it (at profit) and now I am carrying the remaining of it back home for the weekend.
Because I think that after the NAPM fgures, after the figures today (manufacturers in USA are, technically speaking in RECESSION) after A. Greenspan has cut the base rate inter-meeting and the other rate by an extra 25% yesterday (forgot the name of the last one, bu tit is two rate cuts inter-meeting), after the Americans reacted with more than irrationale euphoria to the 1st rate cut, thus bringing back the indexes to a good level they can be shrted at, after the markets are increasingly becoming aware that..erm..yes, something may, indeed, be going on which is not too bullish in the markets, after I have checked the lower Bollinger band on the future on the Dow being at 10416, after all this, I am quite confident the Dow may well bounce back at some point, but it should not be too long before it goes below 10500.

The above does not represent financial advice.

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