Why does data differ? EOD

Jun 24, 2006
Why is it that when I look at Prorealtime data and then look at say Sharescope data DEMO.....both End of Day, there is a few points difference in the O,H,L,C prices.
Why is this. I want to trade EOD and just wondered if it makes any difference at all really. I mean the prices are out by a couple of points here and there, so of course the charts will be slightly different to. I am looking to get Sharescope Gold.

So a simple explanation would be great.



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Mar 19, 2005
So a simple explanation would be great.

There are no simple answers in real life.

If you want to trade EOD then you need a vendor who cleans and adjusts data according to official exchange records. All real-time programs can miss a few ticks here and there due to bandwidth problems, etc.

Feb 6, 2004
Sorry for a delayed response to this thread but after reading it, I lost it, disappeared it had:confused:

This data anomaly from different vendors has worried me a little on the strategy building front, I had noticed that prorealtime had no opening gaps, and we know they are there, yahoo eod data also the same. IG eod same. Fins slightly different. im not convinced that the data provided in the sharescope demo is all that good to be honest, perhaps the chaps on here with expensive reliable feeds, Could enlighten us, maybe.

$UKX eod from quote.com shows gaps (ESignal data?) RT data shows this a lot better. although I do not have data that goes back to 2006 to show a comparative example with Sharescope but it is different again:confused:




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Jan 30, 2003
I have been using Shrescope for many years and I must say that lately their data has been accurate.

There was time in early days when I did notice lot of irregularities in the data in the sense that sometimes the O > H.......C < L.....H < L ....L > H...etc...

Say if data gives a value of O = 200 and H = 150 then the reading is wrong as max O will be is 150...and no more.....

This kind of irregularities will give you a skewed reading in your TA......A pence more or less here or there perhaps may not be that a big issue.

That info I used to pass to them very regularly.....And I believe that they have looked at the issue and data has been very accurate indeed...

I am not sure how accurate the demo version of Sharescope data is....