Who's driving the current market?


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1. Hope! This is based on assumptions that the worst of the Coronavirus economic and health crisis is behind us.
2. Cash on the sidelines and a lot of it, FOMO is driving underexposed money managers to compete with the market using their cash reserves.
3. Bargain prices for quality and growth stocks, we are still - 15% off the recent lows.
4. Hope (again) that a cure for the coronavirus is found in the very near future, as there is an unprecedented global effort and race to develop one.
5. Positive LONGTERM view, as in markets will make a new high again, if not in 2020 then 2021.
6. Massive cash injection by the fed (QE4Ever), lifting asset prices and preventing another meltdown
7. Election - as Trump runs for reelection, he wants this so bad, coming from a business environment, every problem can be solved with... More money! And now he has the deepest pockets in the world
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The rich own the Fed etc. and control the markets.
The 1% own 90% of the planet's resources.
The rest are like sheep. Baaaa


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Failure of the Brexit talks has depressed the pound a bit.
They say quarrels over fishing rights has scuppered talks. Why the EU has to damage itself and Britain over fishing rights I don't know. Everyone knows that the fish are getting more and more polluted with plastics. Soon they will be either vanished or too polluted to eat safely. Don't the politicians make you want to weep they are so hopeless ?
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