who is following Bob Volman Price Action Scalping technique?


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I wanted to reply to the other thread (even thinking of reading it right now it's just impossible with 2000+ replies).
So I'm sorry if it's something that has been already discussed in that thread, the problem is that it's just not searchable. I made some searches in the forum, nothing found.

Also, I think this questions can be useful to people who are reading the book, or who wants to read the book, and even more to the ones who wants to start trading with that system.

1. what broker are you using? which one do you advise to use? I'm asking people who are actually using this trading strategy.
2. are you using a different charting software, and using your broker just for the orders?
3. are you using this trading technique? is it profitable for you so far (I know is not mechanic, and it's dependant from your choice, but what do you think of the strategy after being able to use it for a while)?


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I'm probably one of the top supporters in using Bob Volman method. Please read my free webpage that answers these questions so I don't have to retype the same answers over and over again. Also feel free to ask any questions you have. There are several people here that can answer them probably best to stick to the other thread though. Www.wallstreet2easystreet.com.
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