Which type of trader?


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Please which one of the following belong to you?

there are many type of traders, an awareness of the varieties allows you to avoid the pitfalls.


This is the ideal type of trader, you take your profits and loses with ease, you focus on your system and follow it with discipline.Trading is usually a relax activity,you appreciate that a loss does not make you a looser.


you find it difficult to execute at signals, you doubt your won abilities.You need to develop confidence.Perhaps you should paper trade.


All losses are someones else 's fault, you blame bad fills, your broker for picking the phone up to slowly , our system for not being perfect, you need to regain your objectivity and self-responsibility.


You blame yourself, you feel the market is out to get you, you start becoming superstitious in your trading.


You start thinking it's only money , ill make it back later. you think all losses will bounce back to profits, or that you will start trading properly tomorrow.


You are in for the trill, Money is a side issue. Risk and reward analysis hardly figure in your trade, You want to be a player, want the buzz and excitement.


You enter a trade, but panic at the sight of a profit and take it far to soon, Fear rules your trading.

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I must be a swing trader cos I swing between Optimist and Disciplined.

I make my money when I'm in a Disciplined phase and give it back when I'm in an Optimist phase <img src="images/smilies_new/icon_smile.gif" border="0" alt="">


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aha , its the who am I game ?

If you don't know who you are
the market is an expensive place to learn.

'The more I experience about trading, the more I realise that the key elements are humility, relaxation and patience.'

score 10 for humility.


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Good morning.

didn't really get many replies for this one, it seems like the traders here wouldn't like to reveal what type of trader they are.

Good luck in your trading day. :arrowu:

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